Jay Cutler's Top Tip for Building a Better Chest with Cable Flat Flyes

Jay Cutler, a four-time Mr. Olympia champion, continues to share valuable bodybuilding tips with his fans, even while working on his ‘Fit-for-51’ transformation. Recently, he offered his best advice for building a better chest through cable flat flyes on his YouTube channel.

Cutler's impressive career includes intense rivalry with Ronnie Coleman and numerous accolades for his muscle definition and conditioning. Although he is retired from competitive bodybuilding, he remains committed to maintaining his physique and sharing his fitness journey with his audience. Last year, his ‘Fit-for-50’ journey culminated in a stunning guest appearance at the 2023 MuscleContest FitExpo.

In his latest video, Cutler detailed the proper technique for performing cable flat flyes to maximize chest development. He emphasized the importance of maintaining tension throughout the exercise by not allowing the cable handles to touch at the top of the movement. 

Jay Cutler makes it a point to share his journey with his supporters, offering his tried-and-true advice along the road. Cutler recently shared his favourite tips for developing a bigger chest in a YouTube video. He gave the advice and said that:

“The best tip for building a better chest. Now this is a cable flat fly. Okay. Now the cables are going to give you constant tension. What we like about that is that with the momentum we don’t lose the tension. That is super important for stimulating muscle fibers.” 

Cutler's Technique for Cable Flat Flyes:

  • Perform three sets of 10-12 repetitions.
  • Maintain constant tension by avoiding the cable handles touching.
  • Control each repetition for optimal muscle stimulation.

Cutler highlights that this exercise can be incorporated at any point in a chest workout and is particularly effective for targeting stubborn chest muscles. In addition to sharing effective exercises, Cutler has also warned against certain movements like the flat bench press, which he avoids due to the high risk of injury. He emphasizes the importance of controlling the repetition.

“I’m going to perform this exercise, usually three sets and those sets are going to consist of anywhere between 10 to 12 repetitions. When performing this exercise, you want to come up and not actually touch the cable handles together but keep that tension and then come back down”

Cutler explained. 

“Control the repetition! This can be done at any point in your chest workout and I suggest them for you guys trying to work on that stubborn chest.”

This was far from Cutler’s first piece of workout advice. The credentialed Open Pro never misses an opportunity to inform the masses. The last time we heard from him, he broke down his best tip for building a better chest using flat cable flyes.

“When performing this exercise, you want to come up and not actually touch the cable handles together but keep that tension and then come back down.”

Additional Information: Jay Cutler never misses an opportunity to share his extensive knowledge. His most recent tip on building a better chest involves mastering the cable flat flyes. By keeping constant tension and controlling repetitions, you can achieve significant chest development. Despite his retirement, Cutler remains active in the fitness community, pursuing his ‘Fit-for-51’ transformation and continuing to inspire his followers.

Whether you're looking for a new chest exercise or comprehensive workout advice, Jay Cutler's expertise makes him a valuable resource.

Will you be trying out his cable flat flyes?