Albatross Defends Britain's Strongest Man 2022

Tom “The Albatross” Stoltman wins the 43rd edition of Britain’s Strongest Man 2022.

In the video below except for the shit background music, the 27-year old can be gracefully seen celebrating his victory at Utilitia Arena in Sheffield, England. Pa O'Dwyer claimed second while, Adam Bishop, the winner of 2020 BSM claimed the third spot.

Stoltman is the first to win five back to back Britain's Strongest Man championships. Since 2017 Stoltman hasn't looked back. Before him it was Eddie Hall's reign.

The first three finishers are now qualified for the prestigious World’s Strongest Man 2022 contest being held on May 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, CA. The final standings at the end of the contest were as below.

  1. Tom Stoltman — 53.5 points
  2. Pa O’Dwyer — 41.5 points
  3. Adam Bishop — 38.5 points
  4. Shane Flowers — 35.5 points
  5. Paul Smith — 32.5 points
  6. Andy Black — 30.5 points
  7. Ryan England — 20.5 points
  8. Mark Felix — 19.5 points
  9. Mark Steele — 18 points
  10. Luke Stoltman — 13.5 points*
  11. Desmond Gahan — 9.5 points*

*Withdrew from the contest.

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