Steroid Homebrew Powder Recipe Calculator

Steroid Homebrew Powder Recipe Calculator

To produce steroids, precise calculation (recipe) and knowledge is required to achieve the desired concentrations. The Injectable Steroid Powder Calculator is a game changer. It only takes the amount of solute and the required finished dosage in mg per ml (mg/ml) and gives out the quantity of the ingredients required. The recipe is based on the lowest amount of solvents(BA/BB) required to keep the powders/solute dissolved. With 2% Benzyl Alcohol (BA) and 20% Benzyl Benzoate (BB) you will find that the solution can hold almost any compound in its normal mg/ml variations. Stronger solvents like Ethyl Oleate are often used by steroid labs to make high mg/ml products or with products that tend to be more painful. This calculator is for the normal dosing only. This calculator is not to be used in production of water based injections e.g. Winstrol, Test-P etc
For more information, please read our article on Ultimate Steroid Homebrewing Guide
Having used several resources on the internet, i was not able to find a reliable injectable steroid homebrew calculator. Therefore, made this for you.


  • GSO = Grape Seed Oil
  • CSO = Cotton Seed Oil
  • EO = Ethyl Oleate
  • BA = Benzyl Alcohol
  • BB = Benzyl Benzoate

Please take the following recipe as an example

  • 100grams of Testosterone Enanthate Powder
  • 8.0ml Benzyl Alcohol (2% BA)
  • 80.0ml Benzyl Benzoate (20% BB)
  • 212.0ml Grape Seed Oil

This recipe produces 400ml of Testosterone Enanthate @ 250mg/ml. What if you had only 14g Testosterone Enanthate left? Or 30g? This is where the Steroid Calculator come handy.
As Powder Weight to solution displacement ratio doesn't matter much there is no special requirement to take it into account (however, we do).

Producing higher concentrations with Ethyl Oleate?

We'll do an article solely on Ethyl Oleate soon. For now. Ethyl Oleate is an excellent solvent which appears Pale Yellow like oil and provides a great way of holding great amount of solute within the solution. It offers painless and smooth injections.
If you wish to produce 500mg/ml of Testosterone Enanthate use the calculator to find the correct amount of Raw Materials Needed. Take the oil and split it 50/50 (divide by 2) with ethyl oleate. Rest of the ingredients stay the same. That should allow the solution to hold greater amount of solute in an even concentration.
  • 100grams of Testosterone Enanthate Powder
  • 4.0ml Benzyl Alcohol (2% BA)
  • 40.0ml Benzyl Benzoate (20% BB)
  • 28.0ml Grape Seed Oil
  • 28.0ml Ethyl Oleate

The produced Solution is less than expected?

1 gram of Testosterone Enanthate
Required Dosage: 250mg/ml
This recipe should produce 4ml's of the Final Product because 1 grams contains 1000mg's and to achieve the dosage of 250mg per ml (mg/ml) we must have a final solution of 4ml.
In case you use this calculator and your final solution is off by a few ml's, you can check the Resultant Solution calculation and add the remainder volume of Oil i.e. GSO, CSO to the solution. Concentration will be on point.

Enter Powder & Dosage
Powder in grams (g) 52g = 52000mg
Dosage in miligram (mg) e.g. 250mg/ml
Benzyl Alcohol (BA) concentration 2%
Benzyl Benzoate (BB) concentration 20%
Results - Amounts Needed
Oil - ml's
Powder - grams
Benzyl Alcohol (BA) - ml's
Benzyl Benzoate (BB) - ml's
Resultant Volume should be: - ml's

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