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Anyone know why ALL of NapsGear staff have suddenly vanished without a trace?

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So apparently NapsGear.org staff seems to have all completely vanished without a trace for at least 3 weeks, that I personally know of. They left ALL orders unfulfilled, all support tickets completely ignored, all lost packages and problems, equally ignored, and provided ZERO warning, Zero information, and left us with only abundantly obvious evidence that we might never see our orders nor money back.

I had been customer for 2 years and out of like 20+ orders, I never really had any problems (obviously until recently). They always had good support (not great, definitely not the best, OSGEAR.se is best for me), but for the past 3 weeks I created 5 tickets, 2 of them urgent, and I've been constantly ignored. The only thing I got was the initial automated message saying someone will get back to me shortly. That never happened.

Every 2 or 3 days I leave another message, sounding increasingly frustrated at them for not doing anything or even caring to respond with even a simple messaging sayimg they're looking into it, nor responding to package that's been LOST for full month without having even one SINGLE tracking update for 29 days---so far. I also have 2 orders I paid for but have been stuck in "pending" waiting---seemingly forever--for someone....anyone to fulfill them.
Nobody at NapsGear answers anything, not emails, not even the very highest priority support tickets, at all during past 3 weeks.

To me it is obvious from outer space even, that SOMETHING must of happened. At this point I am extremely concerned that I got beat for approximately $400 in both orders and I might never see my orders nor my money back.

So naturally I am wondering what happened to NapsGear? A very quick google search I found another forum people also complaining about lack of response, so at least I am not the only one. But at least on that forum nobody knew anything.

I hope and pray this is temporary...but extremely strange they didn't at least post message banner saying experiencing temporary technical problems, please expect significant delays in everything for next 4 to 8 weeks or whatever.
The odd part is that their website is still being updated, so whoever is their Website Systems Administrator is obviously still pushing new php code, and updating banners, posting ads on their promotions, trying to get people to spend more money....hopefully not SCAMMING them.
Their website is still up. This smells like an intentional, deliberate thing, but I really, really want to be wrong.

I appreciate any info at all anyone may have on what happened, or how long this will last, is it permanent?

Thank you kindly in advance

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience with NapsGear.org. It sounds like a frustrating situation, especially considering your previous positive experiences with them. Unfortunately, without direct information from NapsGear.org themselves, it's difficult to determine exactly what has happened and whether it's temporary or permanent.
There are a few possibilities that could explain their sudden disappearance:
Technical Issues: It's possible that NapsGear.org is experiencing technical difficulties with their operations, such as server issues, staffing problems, or supply chain disruptions. These issues may have led to their inability to fulfill orders or respond to customer inquiries.
Legal or Regulatory Problems: Sometimes, online businesses may face legal or regulatory challenges that require them to suspend operations temporarily or permanently. This could be due to issues with product legality, compliance with regulations, or other legal matters.
Financial Problems: Financial difficulties, such as bankruptcy or financial mismanagement, could also lead to a sudden shutdown of operations. If NapsGear.org is facing financial problems, they may be unable to fulfill orders or maintain customer support.
Exit Strategy: In some cases, online businesses may intentionally shut down operations without warning as part of an exit strategy. This could be due to a change in ownership, a strategic decision to exit the market, or other reasons.
Unfortunately, without official communication from NapsGear.org, it's impossible to know the exact reason for their disappearance or how long it will last. In situations like this, it's important to take steps to protect yourself, such as contacting your bank or credit card company to inquire about chargebacks or refunds for any unfulfilled orders.
Additionally, you may want to monitor online forums or communities where other customers may be discussing similar experiences or sharing information about the situation. While it's understandable to feel frustrated and concerned, try to remain patient and gather as much information as possible before taking further action.

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Excellent communication, great product! I recommend!

@Primobolol Thank you for sharing your feedback :)


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I highly recommend this brand and this provider I never had any issue with delivering or treatment with customer service!