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  1.  STEROIDIFY.com   4.84 Lv. 3
  2.  ashop.in   4.47 Lv. 3
  3.  deuspower.shop   4.94 Lv. 3
  4.  deuschem.com   4.9 Lv. 3
  5.  YourMuscleShop.to   4.89 Lv. 3
  6.  OSGEAR.se   4.73 Lv. 3
  7.  popeyesteroids.org   4.95 Lv. 3
  8.  SteroidJet.com   4.92 Lv. 3
  9.  DDPSales.com   5 Lv. 3
  10.  domestic-supply.com   5 Lv. 3
  11.  Napsgear.org  4.51 Lv. 0
  12.  buy-as.net  4.94 Lv. 0


1 hour ago .  4.5

Found out about PCT zone on steroid source talk and tried them out. Damn, I can’t believe the prices. If you are US domestic, you can use their warehouse for fast shipping or you can order from their international warehouse for cheaper and a longer ship time boy is the wait wor ...

@IOIAnabolic bullcrap

@Greg fake!!

@Mikepino stop lying!! This gear is big time fake!! Everything is grapeseed oil. So if you want to buy grape seed oil this is the place!!

@Frankiepasta dont do it!! All there stuff is fake!!

@BillyD stop lying!! This testosterone is fake!! All the products our nothing but grapeseed oil.

Fake stuff!! All the products our the same!! Grapeseed oil! Fake test cypinate and fake npp!! Dont get beat!! Someone trys to sell this as steriods dont give them a dime! I was beat out of $700

Second order from Deus; AGAIN fast and reliable! Excellent support, prompt answer and kind. Thanks

Davvero affidabile e molto fornito deus power.Ho fatto un acquisto per provare ed è arrivato tutto in forma anonima lo consiglio veramenteArdito Dario

@Tacoshiwa Your reviews are very valuable for us Thank you!


2 days ago .  5

Amazing site and community. I know the quality of products and great customer services of both DM and DeusChem, I recommend them to anyone! They are the only source with top notch quality HCG, Enclomiphene citrate, ezetemibe, telmisartan. They have everything you need to be stron ...

@GhostTino Thank you for sharing your feedback :)

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