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Looking to start my first cycle. HELP

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Howdy! Summers coming up here in Australia and I want to push my physique to the next level but I’m not quite sure where to even start. I have a very general knowledge about some things but nothing concrete enough to go out on my own and do.

I’m 25 years old, 176cm tall, currently 82kg at around 15% body fat. I’ve been training natty for the last 6 odd years and looking for someone knowledgeable to kind of coach me into my first cycle with things like to start with, dosages, pct’s, how often, where to get the stuff and everything in between. Im looking to achieve more lean mass.
I feel like if I’m going to go down this road I want to do it right and safely as possible. My inbox is open to chat I’d really love it if someone who knows there stuff would coach me on this journey I’m even happy to pay you for your time in exchange for the proper information.

Many thanks in advance. Cheers legends! 🍻

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