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pctmeds.net was added on Sun, 12th of Jun 2022 14:11. This listing has not been claimed. Currently pctmeds.net holds the Lowest Trust Level i.e. Level 0 Steroid Source.




Added Sun, 12th of Jun 2022 14:11
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1 year ago
I don't recomend this source 👎
Nothing from the order was received 😭

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2 orders placed august 12 and august 13th, as of now oct 11th order not received, no response from pctmeds either.
no good, stay away. scammer

Si tratta di un servizio eccellente, dove da tempo acquisto regolarmente diversi prodotti per aumentare la massa muscolare e la forza. Tutti i prodotti sono di ottima qualità e certificati, vengono forniti tutti i documenti e i certificati necessari.

@SuperV Thank you for sharing your honest feedback! :)

@Muzzizzet Thank you for sharing your feedback!