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Heart Problems on Testosterone

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(24/m) I work at a gym and we had an HRT clinic come and setup one day. I got curious and went to get my blood checked bc I had minor symptoms that could possibly be from low T. Sure enough free and total were both under reference range. Everything else (lipids, cholesterol, estrogen, etc) we’re all perfect. He offered to prescribe me 160 mg a week and see how everything goes. Mind you, I had been supplementing ashwa, maca, horny goat weed, Irish moss, and ginseng consistently along w working out 4-6 days a week and my test was still under rr. Working at a gym and being so in tune w my diet and supplementation I decided to explore on my own.
I started my first cycle of test e at 350 mg a week roughly 6 weeks ago. I’m planning on going to get my bloods this week when I free up some time. I also grabbed some anavar that I was going to start supplementing at 6 weeks. A few days ago I took my first dose. I was planning on taking 10 mg twice a day for 6 weeks for the remainder of my 12 week cycle. Then cruise on the 160 mg a week. At the 3rd or 4th week I started taking arimidex in unison w my pins bc I felt a small lump and soreness on my right nip. I’m dropping that dose to once a week to see how that works. I was on antidepressants when I started my cycle but I started taking half my dose and I’m currently off of it for two weeks now. My quality of life is amazing, but -
The night I took the anavar I couldn’t sleep and my heart was freaking me out. Earlier in the day when I took it I felt like Superman in the gym. I thought I found a miracle drug. But when I went to sleep my heart was pumping funny, almost as if it was double pumping. I only took the anavar that one time and don’t plan on taking it anymore. I’ve said to myself from the jump that my priorities are

  1. Health
  2. Physique
  3. Strength In that order. I only feel my heart at night and I’m debating if I should just PCT off. I’d rather just have low T than deal w heart problems. Just looking to hear other peoples experiences.
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