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First timer with Tren questions

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Hello everyone. I’m 39 years old, I’ve been doing PH and SARMS for 10+ years. I know how to cycle, but this is my first time with injectable steroids. I plan on taking 100mg of tren ace (from ultima pharmaceuticals) EOD and 200mg of test-E every three days. I plan on doing a eight week cycle of both. Below are my questions and if you want to add or recommend anything please do! Thanks in advance.

  1. Below are my support supps. Am I taking to many, not enough, am I missing anything, is there anything I shouldn't be taking while on this cycle.....
    - Fish oil - Magnesium - multi vit (one a day) - 5-HTP - BCAA - L-Glutamine -Beta-Alanine - Glucosamine Hyaluronic and Chondroitin MSM - NAC
  2. What do you recommend for PCT and how much? I have Nola on hand and plenty of it, but I'm not sure how much to take.
  3. Do I take Nola while on cycle or when I'm all done? If post cycle, how much? And if I should take it on cycle, when should I start to take it and how much?
  4. I've got some "rage" issues while on PH and SARMS, will this be the same or worse with tren?
  5. With this being my first cycle of tren, is 300mg EOD to much or not enough?
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