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First at-home injection. Missed the muscle?

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Hey, there guys!
I did my first injection today (Test E) which was really hard because I’m TERRIFIED of anything to do with needles and blood etc, but my deep desire and passion for bodybuilding obviously made me do it.
I injected it into VG and was surprised it didn’t really hurt or feel that much. “Puncturing” your skin and flesh really wasn’t that bad or hard after all. What I found the most troublesome was aspirate since it was hard to hold the syringe, to begin with, let alone try to suck in air in it before injecting. Any advice?
Point is. I’m worried I might have injected in a slight angle and maybe it didn’t even hit the muscle. I’m low-medium in fat and used a 23g 1” needle. What do you think? Honestly, I was like passing out so I just wanted to do it as quickly as possible so I could lie down and recuperate LOL. So I don’t even remember what it all felt like.
And is your whole leg supposed to feel a bit weird afterward?
Thanks :)

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