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Hey everyone,
I would appreciate any guidance or insights you may offer on my recent injection experience. I injected an injection into my right glute on Friday, May 19. I've felt uncomfortable and sore in that place for the past week. I still have no severe problems walking or exercising, but the discomfort remains.
I've completed two cycles in the past, and I always follow the recommended post-cycle treatment (PCT). However, this time, I'm dealing with this protracted ache. I haven't seen any noticeable lumps, bruising, or discoloration at the injection site. I haven't had any complications with injections, such as fever.
I'm considering whether the dosage may have been off or the needle might have migrated during the injection. I used a blue 23 gauge needle and injected 400mg/1ml.
Has anyone had a similar experience before? How long did the agony last until it stopped? I welcome any ideas about what could be causing this persistent discomfort.
Thanks for your assistance in advance!!!

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