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I want to start gearing up. Am I ready?

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Hey there, I've been training for about three years (started at 61kg) and am between 94 and 95 kg at 22, 6 feet 3 inches and a little over (6 feet 4 in trainers). I had to start with 4 kg dumbbells since I couldn't bench the bar. These days, I perform eight sets of 48 kg dumbbells. My top lifts consist of 13 bodyweight pull-ups with a prolonged dead hang, pause, and real bar contact. I can perform three reps of weighted chin-ups using 32.5 kg. Additionally, I've performed exercises like dumbbell rows with 65 kg, one-arm dumbbell OHPs while standing with 36 kg dumbbells for six repetitions, and squats with 182.5 kg, 160 kg, 170 kg, and 140 kgโ€”all below parallel. My greatest beltless deadlifts are 210 pounds for three and 200 pounds for seven off of a three-inch disadvantage. I've also performed 180 kg RDLs for 12 reps. I now have arms that are 17 inches, legs that are 25 inches, and a chest that is 46 inches. It's important to note that I haven't performed squats or deadlifts in the past two monthsโ€”not because of an injury, but because I temporarily shifted to training like a guy, with arm days.
I follow a mixture of DC and Jordan Peters's training regarding my training history. I aim to get one more rep or add 1.25kg from the last session.
Currently, I do around 12-13k steps daily and consume around 4000 calories, with approximately 220g of protein, 100g of fats, and the remainder from carbs. I maintain a healthy diet, and my meals are the same daily except for dinner, which I usually have with my family. For example, M1 consists of 3 bananas, two scoops of whey, and 500ml of orange juice, followed by my training. Post-gym, I have 220g of raw-weight rice with 300g of raw-weight chicken and 45g of olive oil. M3 includes 300g of raw-weight chicken, two bananas, 5 apples, and 15g of olive oil. Then there's dinner. Sometimes I'll have a tub of halo tops.
My goals aren't focused on bodybuilding; I want to be big, occupy a lot of space, and appear intimidating to people. I don't care about being too lean, but I don't want to have a gut.

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