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I want to start gearing up. Am I ready?

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Hey there, I've been training for about three years (started at 61kg) and am between 94 and 95 kg at 22, 6 feet 3 inches and a little over (6 feet 4 in trainers). I had to start with 4 kg dumbbells since I couldn't bench the bar. These days, I perform eight sets of 48 kg dumbbells. My top lifts consist of 13 bodyweight pull-ups with a prolonged dead hang, pause, and real bar contact. I can perform three reps of weighted chin-ups using 32.5 kg. Additionally, I've performed exercises like dumbbell rows with 65 kg, one-arm dumbbell OHPs while standing with 36 kg dumbbells for six repetitions, and squats with 182.5 kg, 160 kg, 170 kg, and 140 kg—all below parallel. My greatest beltless deadlifts are 210 pounds for three and 200 pounds for seven off of a three-inch disadvantage. I've also performed 180 kg RDLs for 12 reps. I now have arms that are 17 inches, legs that are 25 inches, and a chest that is 46 inches. It's important to note that I haven't performed squats or deadlifts in the past two months—not because of an injury, but because I temporarily shifted to training like a guy, with arm days.
I follow a mixture of DC and Jordan Peters's training regarding my training history. I aim to get one more rep or add 1.25kg from the last session.
Currently, I do around 12-13k steps daily and consume around 4000 calories, with approximately 220g of protein, 100g of fats, and the remainder from carbs. I maintain a healthy diet, and my meals are the same daily except for dinner, which I usually have with my family. For example, M1 consists of 3 bananas, two scoops of whey, and 500ml of orange juice, followed by my training. Post-gym, I have 220g of raw-weight rice with 300g of raw-weight chicken and 45g of olive oil. M3 includes 300g of raw-weight chicken, two bananas, 5 apples, and 15g of olive oil. Then there's dinner. Sometimes I'll have a tub of halo tops.
My goals aren't focused on bodybuilding; I want to be big, occupy a lot of space, and appear intimidating to people. I don't care about being too lean, but I don't want to have a gut.

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