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For what purpose is an anabolic steroid used? Do they harm bodybuilders or an athlete’s health?

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Well, we all know that steroids or anabolic steroids are types of artificial testosterone. It is a hormone that is typically associated with the male body. But the female body also produces testosterone in smaller amounts.
When taken properly, steroids aren't always hazardous. They’re used for a variety of both health and athletic purposes, including:

  • increasing muscle growth as a result of increased protein synthesis in the body
  • increasing muscle endurance and strength.
  • reducing your body fat percentage in general.
  • increased synthesis of red blood cells.
  • improve strength-related sports performance, such as weightlifting.

If steroids are used appropriately under medical supervision, they are not dangerous.

But misuse of steroids can be dangerous. The way they are misused -

Cycling: Taking a lot of steroids and then stopping for a period before resuming.
Stacking: utilise a variety of steroid kinds at the same time, or use several delivery methods (like injections and supplements together).
Pyramiding: Begin with modest dosages and gradually increase the amount before reducing it again.
Plateauing: switching to another steroid and then switching back to keep the steroid from becoming ineffective.

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