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How much time does a trenbolone/testosterone cycle takes to show its results?

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How long do you think it takes to notice benefits when you start taking steroids?
Effects differ based on various factors, depending on the length of the cycle, the type of steroid, the diet regimen, and the dosage protocol. It also depends on the user's medical history, but you will most likely start seeing the results within a week.

From Test 500 mg/week, you will notice the following effects:

Week 1: Horny
Week 2: Horny and Hungry
Week 3: Water Retention, Muscular Transition, Aggressiveness, and Snappiness.
Week 4: Increased Endurance and Weight gain up to 5 lbs.
Week 5: Faster Recovery and Feeling of Motivation
Week 6: Oily and sweaty skin, sore nipples and 10 lbs increased weight (8lb water weight)
Week 7: Gynocomastia starts to develop.
Week 8: 15 lbs weight increase and body ache
Week 9: Weight increases to 18 lbs.
Week 10: Weight increases to 20 lbs.
Week 11, 12, 13 & 14: No more changes as your cycle is about to end.
Week 15 to 20: Depression, zero sexual desire, and 11 lbs weight loss. You need Post Cycle Therapy at this point.
Week 21: Start new gear if you want!

Those were the effects I felt when I started my 15-week Test 500 mg cycle. You can mention the changes you felt from your cycle as well.

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