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Top 7 important things before starting lifting

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  1. The major gains you’ll ever make in your life naturally are within your first 3 years of lifting.
  2. Focus on training 2-3 muscle groups per day and aim to hit every muscle twice a week. That is less volume and more frequency.
  3. The best way to lose fat: it does not matter what diet you follow—Keto, vegan, paleo, or vegetarian. The key point of fat loss is calorie deficit. The only reason these diets “work” is because they eliminate entire food groups, thus putting you into a calorie deficit by default. Keto doesn’t work because you’re eliminating carbs; it works because, by eliminating those carbs, you’re drastically reducing calories.
  4. Don't increase your weight until you have mastered the form on that weight.
  5. It's all about calories in versus calories out so eat foods you enjoy; you don’t need to eat broccoli, rice, or chicken every day all day.
  6. Supplements don't cause significant changes. Focus on your diet, which will make up about 90% of your physique, before resorting to supplements. The only supplements recommended are protein powder and creatine.
  7. Train legs: it causes massive growth. It elevates your hormones magnificently.
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