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Test Suspension (TNE - water based) Recipe

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TNE Suspension
50mg/ml - 10ml
0.5g Test Base (0.4465ml)
0.2ml BA (2%)
1ml BB (10%)
0.3ml ps80 (3%)
8.0535ml distilled water

1) Pre-heat warmer (my benchmark is set to 3/10 for a good 15 minutes)
2) Distill water and heat over warmer
3) If your test base is not micronized, use a mortar & pestle
4) Mix powder, BB, ps80. Mix as needed until clear and hot.
5) Dose water into vial(s) with 0.20 um filter and keep hot (set them on the warmer)
6) Filter BA into vial(s) and keep the vials on the warmer.
7) Quickly extract the compound solution into syringe. Barrel will be HOT
8) Quickly filter 1ml or less of compound solution into water vial and then shake to mix. As it combines, will turn very milky. Continue in 1ml or less quantities until all solution is mixed.
9) Done.

Shake before use. I always switch out my draw needle and my injection needle. I shake the syringe right before injection. This may be necessary to avoid the injection pain. Your millage may vary.

A few notes worth considering:
- Strangely I had no immediate or post injection pain. Your millage may vary.
- Depending on your test base supplier, you may need to micronize. It should pass freely through a 29g insulin syringe.
- I believe having both the water and compound at the same temperature is the key to preventing larger crystal formation during the combination.
- Effect onset is probably 15 minutes and lasts a good 2-3 hours.
- Because the heat seems to be key, making many vials at once is probably out.
- Water based is more susceptible to bacteria so making more than you plan to use soon is probably not a good idea. Refrigeration may be a consideration.
- I believe this could easily be dosed at 75 or 100mg/ml since it must be shaken anyway but I have not tried (yet).

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