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Hello everyone.


Let me introduce us we are an EU based domestic steroid source, and we belief in personal responsibility for adults, especially in regards of their bodies and what they consume.

So, our goal is to offer a safe, high quality and affordable alternative for these adults that would like to modify their hormonal system.


We offer a high-quality product, manufactured in a laboratory in Europe, following standards of hygiene and asepsis, through the use of 0.22-micron filtration systems, autoclave sterilization, and a laminar flow cabinet to avoid any contaminating particles, in addition to the use of personal equipment like gloves, protective suit and mask.

To guarantee the correct dosage and composition of the products, we periodically carry out blind tests in an independent laboratory (janoshik).

In addition, we encourage our customers to test our products on their own, and we offer to cover the cost of the test (€100) as store credit.


Security is essential both for us and for our clients. We take mandatory measures such as the use of a secure email in all the communications, β€œtails os” and β€œtor”.

Registration on the website has been deactivated, and all the data of the orders is deleted after the client received his product.

Client service

We take client service very seriously, please contact us with any question, we will be more than happy to answer you with no hesitation.
Client satisfaction is always our priority.


We offer fast shipping to any EU country; we always try to ship the products the same day the order has been made. Average turnaround is from 2 to 5 days.
The cost is a flat fee of 15€.
All orders are packed with stealth measures.


We accept Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and USDC.
We highly suggest the use of Monero, as it guaranties the most privacy.
The minimum order is 100€, (excluding shipping, store credit and coupons)

Website and contact email


[email protected]

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to answer further questions.

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