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I can't donate blood, now what?

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So what if you can’t donate blood? This happens a lot because of medical reasons, high BP or high hemoglobin. Whatever the reason, you have options:

1. If you know a nurse, you can always buy a home blood donation kit. I have known many guys to do this on their own, which never would nor recommend. But if you have a friend that’s a nurse, it can easily be done at home every 60 days.

2. Ask your MD for a medica phlebotomy every 60 days. They will just toss the bloods when done.

3. Of you have high BP, consult with an MD always. But there a lot of supplements you can use to being this down. Of course if you are on AS that increase, going off would help. But taking 1-2 Carditone and 5-10mg cialis a day typically dose the trick. Adding cod liver oil and vitamin e is icing on the cake.

4. If you have high hemoglobin or because of past history there is no way you will ever be able to donate, then here is what I recommend....
1T daily cod liver oil
1 cap Unique E
1 Apolactoferin
1 Curcimin
2 IP-6 (Inositol-6-Phosphate)

The last 3 are “iron chelators.” Since hemoglobin carries around 70-80% of the iron in the blood, “chelating” it will naturally brings hemoglobin down.

Weglarz, L., et al. (2008). “Effect of Inositol Hexaphosphate on Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Release of TNF-α from Human Mononuclear Cells”

“It is thought that anti-carcinogenic benefits of IP6 may in part be attributable to its antioxidant capability through its iron chelating properties.”

Human mononuclear cell
Sandberg, A., et al. (1999). “Inositol phosphates with different numbers of phosphate groups influence iron absorption in humans”

“Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a well-known inhibitor of iron absorption…”

Anekonda, T.S., et al. (2011). “Phytic acid as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s pathology: evidence from animal and in vitro models”

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