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Basics of Bodybuilding Nutrition

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This is a post for all the newbies and curious members out there that are in doubt over their diet.
The basics of bodybuilding nutrition is typed up by me here so you should be able to grasp a general feel for what your diet needs to consist of.


You need a gram or protein for every pound of bodyweight for growth. I say it should be 1.2 grams to make sure your getting enough...
Example... 180lb average bodybuilder needs 180g of protein or in my case (180 x 1.2 = 215g).
I weigh 190lbs but i take in 220g to make sure i'm getting enough.

Protein sources:

Try and eat a whole range of proteins like chicken, tuna, beef, lamb and nuts. (nuts are a good source of protein)
Meats contain amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle, they help repair and build muscle fibres.
Taking in a range of protein sources ensures your getting a good range of amino acids too as well as not getting bored of eating the same thing every day/meal.


Carbs provide fuel for your body, getting the carb levels right is a very fine balance between:
1*putting on quality muscle with a little fat
2*putting on quality muscle with alot of fat
3*cutting up (losing a bit of muscle but alot of fat)

Number one is a bulking diet which involves 3-4g of carbs per lb of bodyweight, eating complex carbs like rices/pastas/potatoes/vegeatbles/grains etc...
Number two is a "see food bulk diet" which most people think will build a great physique. WRONG!!!
This diet will involve multiple trips to Mac Donalds and generally involves adding a few love handles in the process.
Number 3 is a cutting diet, handy for when you've just finished bulking up and want to show of that muscle but lose the fat covering it first. To do this the carbs need to be cut right down to starve the body of energy and make the body dip into its existing fat stores for energy.
You will lose muscle in this process as muscle can be burned as fuel when the body gets desperate for energy, its advised to bump up your protein intake to counteract this catabolic process.

Carbs can make or break a training day, too little carbs before training will make you run on half throttle and you will lose steam quickly. Think of it as filling the fuel tank before starting the engine, you want to work at max power...
An hour before a workout, take in at least 60-100g of complex carbs that will slow burn throught the workout. Slow burning is the term i use as simple carbs will produce an energy spike for a short while,but is followed by burnout that will leave you tired.
After a workout, your body will be gasping for energy, it will need carbs and fast, you have a half hour window to promote anabolic growth (muscle building) before the body switches into a catabolic process and starts to find energy sources anywhere it can, usually muscle...
By taking a carb/protein drink after training or eating a post workout bar, will help your body start to recover from the ordeal you've place upon it.


The dreaded word shunned in every gym across the globe!
Fats are essential to the body's normal processes, without it we would slope into a coma and die.
BF% is how much bodyfat we are storing relative to our weight. Fats need to be taken in in healthy doses in bodybuilding so dont start taking fat out of everything.
Just use common sense, use a George Foreman grill when cooking meats, take the skin of chicken, avoid dressings such as full fat mayonnaisse etc..


The body needs at elast 3 litres of water a day to keep it hydrated, never supplement water with alcohol or fizzy drinks, drink juices or squashes instead.
If your using creatine then you will need water to stop getting dehydrated all the time.
Drink during workouts as it helps flush out all the toxins and lactic acids building up while you train.

These are just the basics, hope this helps...

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