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History was added on Wed, 12th of Jul 2023 15:32. This listing was claimed by @Capra on Sat, 15th of Jul 2023 12:00. Currently holds the Beginner's Trust Level i.e. Level 1 Steroid Source.


If your chasing a supplier for gear in Australia we have you covered, We have been operating in Aus for over a decade and have decided to expand our services online. Jump on our website and have a look around, it's easy to navigate.

Orders are distributed from locations within Australia via standard AusPost, tracking is supplied 3-4 days after lodging. Our aim is to make ordering your supply simple and hassle free.

We Can supply bulk unlabelled vials for onsellers, if your looking for a quality supplier send us an email or send a message through on the session app.

Are you looking for Ozempic pens or Rybelsus tablets? Let us know if you are, We are looking at stocking them if the demand is there.


Added Wed, 12th of Jul 2023 15:32
Claimed Sat, 15th of Jul 2023 12:00
Level Level 1
Rep. @Capra
Ships from Australia
Ships to Australia
MOQ/P not available
TA 3-5 business days
E-mail [email protected]
Other Session ID: 05c441115ff5353c0d3fa9205994c1a411f89f
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6 months ago
I recomend this source 👍
Complete Order was Received 😍

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Communication  5
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Pricing  5

I'm writing a review for the free stuff I was sent a month ago that I forgot to do. I've since placed 2 orders that arrived no problem.

My first order was for anavar tabs and a vial of Mast P, I got to choose what I wanted which was great cause they were free.
I received them in 5 days and have used them both, tested and passed with roidtest.

The second order had Tren E and Test E which I'm running now with no complaints, It's only been a week since the first shot and I'm getting the sides I usually would running them. I'll review them in a few weeks separately.

I can only really give my opinion on the Anavar for effects, I have had really good pumps working out and also when doing everyday activities. I didn't get any reflux like I have in the past which was a big winner for me.

Communication was easy and I got a response within a few hours.
Delivery was done by auspost, the packaging was done well too.
Pricing is cheaper then what I was paying off other contact's I have.
Quality so far has been positive and cause the side effects you'd expect them to.

I plan on using them for their orals and oils but i'll have to look elsewhere for the other things I'm looking for.


41 minutes ago .  4.5

Found out about PCT zone on steroid source talk and tried them out. Damn, I can’t believe the prices. If you are US domestic, you can use their warehouse for fast shipping or you can order from their international warehouse for cheaper and a longer ship time boy is the wait wor ...

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