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Since formation in 2010 Med-Tech Solutions has grown from strength to strength and is now recognised as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and trusted global supplier of champion grade performance enhancing products.

Renown for providing a unique, extensive and complex range of over fifty oil solutions, from solid fundamentals to exciting exotic compounds, including specialised synthesised blends that others companies care not to produce - all created to scientifically enhance the hard work you put in whilst being kind on your pocket too!

We strive to remain at the cutting edge of bodybuilding science, to innovate, continually update and share our knowledge.

Our organisation is manned by people with expertise, experience and current recognition in their chosen field.

We believe in producing products of the very best quality matched by excellent customer service.

Through our commitment to consistency, we are proud to say our products have become easily recognised, trusted and highly acclaimed throughout the bodybuilding community.

Our website has been created to raise global awareness, to enable you easier access to accurate information and support and to increase availability of our first class products at an affordable price.

Med-Tech - Solutions for Champions


Added Mon, 11th of Dec 2023 23:29
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@yourmuscleshopโ€‚Itโ€™s been a month. Any updates on the new report? Iโ€™m still waiting to take mine until I see testing..,.


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5 star everything, no complaints