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Communication 3.93
Delivery 3.07
Product Quality 3.97
Pricing 3.37


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Added Sat, 23rd of May 2020 02:16
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NotNatural23 Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.95
Communication  4.9
Delivery  3.4
Quality  4.3
Pricing  3.2

Dragon Pharm still outstanding amongst other UGLs.

Never truly required it.

Came in lovely covert.

Aromasin 25 mgs from DP,

I utilized this at 12.5 mgs eod while running 400 mgs of test. Ran it for about a month. Hold my estro under wraps in addition to Aromasin what I like is no bounce back effect when you quit utilizing. Truly possibly sides is joints harmed when I use at higher dosages however changed on a case by case basis.

Dragon Pharm is on point.

7thlttd Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.18
Communication  2.8
Delivery  2.9
Quality  3.8
Pricing  3.2

Review is for the 3 DP test E promotion,

Communication with this source is most likely the best I've come acrossed so far hit me up less then 24hrs everytime I had a question,

the T/A was lighting quick... I realize source says as long as 20 days however mine actually got to me in less than 10 days... got to me snappy.. Bundling was overall quite close and prudent no concern on anything breaking while in transport,

DP test E x3 for promotion,

This is my first time attempting DP items and I got to state it's some decent spotless strong rigging... The one thing I've taken note that stands apart the most to me is generally with any test e I get alittle pip not certain if it's simply me but rather I've actually gotten pip with practically all test e I've utilized... Yet, With DP I have non by any means which I'm exceptionally happy about... I've been shooting 250mg two times per week presently for a month I traded over from another well known brand of test e also, I've had no drop off in strenght or sex drive and with it being so smooth I could conceivably stay with DP starting now and into the foreseeable future believe it or not I'm happy with this item..

BSOstore is an incredible expansion here at roidbible... You can not beat the prices he has for a top, tested brand, for example, DP the items I've seen tested are testing right on target as well And you don't need to stress over traditions!!! I will re-visitation of do business with this hotspot without a doubt in actuality in the close future.

JimmyStacked Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.63
Communication  4.1
Delivery  2.9
Quality  3.8
Pricing  3.7

First time requesting, got one thing just to perceive how the cycle was. Great help and quick shipping,


not awful,

100 pack of Para Pharma clenbuterol,

2 weeks on about fourteen days off
40mcg every day for first week 80mcg per day for second week
good quality item


19 hours ago .  5

Desuschem has a very clean and tidy website, communication is excellent, shipping costs are correct but the best of all is the packaging they make, very discreet. :)Although the most important thing of all is the quality of the products, which in this case are what the labels say ...

@drizzy85 Thank You very much for great review! Enjoy Yours gear brother!:)

@epharma where y’all been for the last few days. Been trying to get in touch by email.