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Communication 4.97
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LegitGear.cc was added on Sat, 23rd of May 2020 02:16. This listing has not been claimed. Currently LegitGear.cc holds the Lowest Trust Level i.e. Level 0 Steroid Source.


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njbeef Avatar
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3 years ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Positive experience

I recently placed an order through Legitgear and received it within a swift 3-day timeframe. Everything I paid for was included, and I had a positive experience with Bulldog, who was friendly and welcoming. However, I encountered a personal issue (partially my fault for not conducting further research) regarding the Beginning Restoration products.

Product ordered

tren ace, test prop, nolva, proviron, and equipoise. After administering the test prop injections twice, I developed a rash all over my body. Additionally, I dosed the proviron for a week but did not experience the expected increase in libido. Another concern arose when I noticed that the pills in the nolva bottle were identical to those in the proviron bottle, which raised some red flags for me.


As a result, I have reservations about using the Beginning Restoration products. However, I must provide an update. Bulldog reached out to me after my initial post and assured me that all the Beginning products are genuine and undergo spot testing. Given his consistent and reliable communication, I have no reason to doubt his word. It's possible that I had a negative reaction to the proportions of benzyl alcohol (BA) in the Test Prop injections. While it's a personal preference not to use the Beginning products, others may find them beneficial.
I would like to emphasize that despite my experience with the Beginning products, I still plan to order from Legitgear again, opting for a different brand. The fast delivery, friendly service, and overall positive experience make me confident in continuing my business with them.

Juiced8 Avatar
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3 years ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Customer service

Oustanding client assistance. Fast to react

Product ordered

T-a 4 days altogether. , Danabol DS , Incredible siphons and a marvelous feeling of prosperity.


This is a genuine item since dianabol hits me hard from the absolute first day. Have put on 8 lbs at this point (12 days). Quality is high. , I'm dazzled. Much obliged to you BD.


40 minutes ago .  5

Recieved all my order to uk ass aggreed with all bits. Great service now to start using


5 hours ago .  5

Deze online steroΓ―denwinkel is een echte ontdekking voor mij! Ik ben onder de indruk van de ruime keuze aan producten en de hoge kwaliteit van de service. Dankzij de snelle levering en het professionele advies kan ik de producten die ik nodig heb altijd op tijd en met het volste ...


5 hours ago .  5

Ik bestelde vetverbranders voor gewichtsverlies om in vorm te komen voor het seizoen. De manager was gekwalificeerd, hielp met de bestelling en het pakket kwam snel. Ik ben meer dan 7 kg afgevallen, ik ben tevreden met het resultaat. Over een paar maanden zal ik de bestelling her ...