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Dear friends! We are pleased to present our brand Advar Pharma and the official distributor of Advar Pharma online store


We keep up with the times, so our laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies. By purchasing our products, customers do not have questions about quality, which is why the Greek brand Advar Pharma is so popular in all countries of the world. Our products are 100% guaranteed to give you the best results.

Also, our team is ready to work with each client individually, any consultations, development of cycles (based on the pharmacological experience of the athlete, individual dosages and features) are for free. All you need is to write an email with your personal request and our specialists will develop a competent cycle for you within 24 hours.


We don't have a minimum order, so you can always order exactly the quantity you need. After placing an order, you will receive full information about the status: processing, order photo, assembly, shipping, etc.

We guarantee to send a tracking number for your parcel within -24-48 hours after payment. If a specific product is not available, we will always contact you and agree on analogues from our partner brands, you will also receive a 10% discount or a gift on your next order.


The delivery cost is 25 EUR.

Each package meets high-security standards for delivery. For delivery, we use courier services (with fast delivery) and regular posts.

If your order has been confiscated, you will need to send us a seizure letter by email, after we review the seizure letter, we will resend your order free of charge. It is also possible to request a refund.

We also ship to high risk countries. Currently, high-risk countries include: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc.

We ship from the EU. Estimated delivery time:


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52 minutes ago .  5

DeusPower.Shop is the best of all the stores I have used for years. Whether for information, delivery, price, quality and outstanding customer service. They are by far the best 👍. here are some product photos from my last order (my fourth with them). Thank you for your good se ...


6 hours ago .  5

Uitstekend advies bij het kiezen van vetverbranders. De consulent had verstand van zaken en hielp me bij mijn keuze.


10 hours ago .  4.75

Im very happy with the service and quality of the product. I would like to pay with credit card, and no with bitcoins cause the process is a little confusing. They are always in contact if u need something or have a problem, and that makes a huge diference. I really recommend thi ...