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History was added on Fri, 28th of Jul 2023 15:21. This listing was claimed by @anabolize on Sat, 29th of Jul 2023 12:00. Currently holds the Beginner's Trust Level i.e. Level 1 Steroid Source.


Added Fri, 28th of Jul 2023 15:21
Claimed Sat, 29th of Jul 2023 12:00
Level Level 1
Rep. @anabolize
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5 months ago
I don't recomend this source 👎
Complete Order was Received 😍

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The rep who called himself Daniel Francis Tuddenham offered coupon code.
Code worked fine and communication was excellent.
Once order was placed on the site he verified the order then all communication ceased via messenger or the email listed on site.

Communication from website also very poor and took weeks to respond.

UPDATE. Items eventually showed up.

Si tratta di un servizio eccellente, dove da tempo acquisto regolarmente diversi prodotti per aumentare la massa muscolare e la forza. Tutti i prodotti sono di ottima qualità e certificati, vengono forniti tutti i documenti e i certificati necessari.

@SuperV Thank you for sharing your honest feedback! :)

@Muzzizzet Thank you for sharing your feedback!