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1 year ago
I recomend this source 👍
Complete Order was Received 😍

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Communication  3
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Quality  5
Pricing  5

Before joining this forum I ordered from three sources based on research over several forums. DragonPharma.net was the second. This is an overseas source. I believe they are in Hong Kong. I ordered online with bitcoin. The order took time to "process" and communications lagged a day or so which is understandable since they are ten or twelve hours ahead. I ordered test cyp, anavar, and primo. The shipping was a little pricey but the gear was reasonable. I am a noob. This will be my first cycle. I am super apprehensive about injecting unknown substances in by body, so I decided to send the var and primo off for testing. I also thought it would be a good way to contribute to the forum. My reason for not sending the test is, var and primo is often faked and test is much cheaper. If the other two are good, the test should be too. I used roid test which was inconclusive at best. The var came back as masteron and the primo also didn't come back right. I contacted dragonpharma.net with the results They respectfully affirmed the authenticity of the gear. I then sent two blind samples to Jano. This was not cheap. Shipping was like $150 and testing was $120 per substance not to mention the 3 pills and 1 mil of oil. Attached are the results. You can see that the gear is actually legit and reasonably dosed. The oil was 100mg primo and the var was 10mg. The var was a little over and the primo was a little under but all within +/-10%. I would say they are a legit source and would recommend them. Hopefully this empowers members with more choices.

Si tratta di un servizio eccellente, dove da tempo acquisto regolarmente diversi prodotti per aumentare la massa muscolare e la forza. Tutti i prodotti sono di ottima qualità e certificati, vengono forniti tutti i documenti e i certificati necessari.

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