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Communication 3.5
Delivery 3.6
Product Quality 3.9
Pricing 3.83

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.4
Communication  3.4
Delivery  3.3
Quality  3.3
Pricing  3.6

This review is for the dbol I gotten during a promotion,

Great communication with this source. They\’re amenable, direct, and know what they\’re doing,

I can\’t recall the specific t/a, however no bad things to say on my end as to/an or bundling,

1 pack dbol 20mg-100ct,

I began utilizing this dbol well into a test/eq cycle, and kid am I happy I did. It was entirely enjoyable and made my exercises a great deal more fun.
I ran it 30mgs every day, split into 3 dosages. Inside 4 days I encountered greater, longer enduring siphons, and it just expanded from there. Arm day is my number one day (bi\’s/tri\’s together) and to me there isn't anything more enjoyable than watching the siphon increment during a decent arm exercise, running some great stuff. This stuff was comparable to any of the great stuff I\’ve utilized, and didn\’t need to run insane portions. I like to downplay it. I put on about 5lbs in the main week, and a couple more after that.

I don\’t understand what more there is to say, yet the stuff was free, and I had an impact eating it. Simple to suggest. Much obliged again getmassive. You da bomb

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.52
Communication  3.3
Delivery  3.2
Quality  3.6
Pricing  4

Overdue review for getmassive.

Very great. Was expecting an email affirmation which I didn't get and furthermore anticipated (as uk homegrown) to get following day which didn't occur. I messaged also, immediately got a reaction clarifying some disarray (fault likely being with me) and a conciliatory sentiment.

After introductory reaction got delivery the following day. Bundling attentive and unassuming. Extremely happy with t/an and delivery strategy.

SIS sustanon 250

Having utilized Sister items before I was anticipating a lot of something similar. Authenification codes checked out on Sister site. Bloods have demonstrated before that item is well dosed and did again this time. I utilized 500mg/week and had a lot of something similar experience that I did with 600mg test e. I surmise that I didn't \β€œfill out/bloat\” similarly yet this is likely the lower portion than in view of the change to an ester mix. I was captivated to perceive what improvement sustanon brought to the table, having just utilized enanthate previously, anyway no momentous contrast with the exception of that I believe that I aromatised somewhat heavier and intermittent e2 sides sprung up and I needed to increment arimidex dose to battle. I have found in the past that (on test just cycles) gains sort of level off around week 9 or 10 thus the gift pack of anavar that getmassive three in was used here. It was anything but a brand publicized on his site so probably only something to cradle his orders however worked well to keep the increment in strength going however no observable other effects.

First review I\’ve posted so ideally I\’ve kept principles and it\’s half nice.

I will arrange from getmassive once more, measure was smooth, prices and range great, no stresses over getting delivery and they convey brands that I trust.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.2
Communication  3.8
Delivery  4.3
Quality  4.8
Pricing  3.9

This is a long over due review for Getmassive,

DP superdrol 10mg x 100,

None required from requesting to getting,

Pack arrived 24 hour delivery as continuously. Furthermore, bundling is circumspect and very much ensured,

200 xDP SUPERDROL 10mg,

I\’ve won't ever utilize this item previously so began at 5mg approximately 2-3 hours pre workout.
A modest and effective pill shaper can be found on eBay or then again amazon for \xa32.
After week one I began to take 10m each day pre exercise with a lot of carbs. This brought about outrageous siphons center what's more, energy to save. also, I didn\’t experience indigestion to my shock lol.
After week 3 still at 10mg I controlled to get truly lazy even with 5-6 liters of water a day so I chose to call it furthermore, offer my bday a reprieve. Next time round I plan on beating fourteen days on fourteen days off and check whether there is any sure or negative changes.

Getmassive has been a strong source and certainly merits a higher positioning imo.

Keep up the great work brother


19 hours ago .  5

Desuschem has a very clean and tidy website, communication is excellent, shipping costs are correct but the best of all is the packaging they make, very discreet. :)Although the most important thing of all is the quality of the products, which in this case are what the labels say ...

@drizzy85 Thank You very much for great review! Enjoy Yours gear brother!:)

@epharma where y’all been for the last few days. Been trying to get in touch by email.