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Communication 4.11
Delivery 3.99
Product Quality 4.31
Pricing 4.35

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5 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

This was my second order from this source, and just like the previous ones, I didn't encounter any problems. The process was straightforward - I placed the order and made the payment the night before. I received a shipping confirmation email the next day after the package had been posted.


No additional communication was needed.

Product ordered

Sigma Test Prop 100
Smart Life Sciences Tren Ace 100
Terumo Luer Lock Syringe Barrels (2.5ml)


I have been using these products for 3 weeks now. The Test prop is excellent, especially considering the current price. I inject 1.3mg every day, along with Tren Ace and Dbol. There is no post-injection pain (PIP) or burning, which can be common with cheaper Test products. The oil is smooth and of good quality.

Now, onto my favorite part - the SLS Tren Ace! It's my first time using this brand. When I opened the package, I found 10 amps of the most intense-looking Tren I've ever seen. The colour is dark, golden, and evil-looking. I decided to front load with a slightly higher dose than usual and injected 1ml (1 amp), and it hit me hard.

I experienced lethargy and spent the next 18 hours in bed. Since then, I've adjusted my dosage to 0.7ml per injection, which is more than sufficient. I split the remaining Tren into another syringe for the next day. Immediately after using it, I experienced night sweats, cramps, and cravings for carbs and sugar. It provides that intense Tren edge for training.

I ordered the Terumo Luer Lock Syringe Barrels because the local needle exchanges only offer 2ml barrels that are of poor quality and prone to air bubbles. The ones I ordered from this source feel like proper medical equipment, and it's a much better experience to inject with professional equipment.


This source has proven to be a great and reliable supplier. Unlike others who seem to take the money and disappear, this source has some of the best prices I've come across.

MacBuff Avatar
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5 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Look, I realize has positive reviews on eroids, musclegurus, everywhere - and thats how I found them.
I am glad I did.
I kind of realized I have never written a review, even a negative one - when I've been scammed. And I have been scammed so many times, I have lost count.

These guys have been coming through for me the past year and a half. I think its important, that when you find a legit source – to go out of your way and make a post somewhere.

Leaving reviews helps keep the legit suppliers, in business and at the same time -hurts the scammers.
Instead of someone spending money with scammers – they will spend that money with a legit supplier!


The customer service at GotPharma is incredible. Frank is the owner, he's got an advanced degree (Masters) and he knows his stuff.
He will design a cycle for you, answer any questions you may have. You get your own personal Steroid Coach when you order from GotPharma

My last cycle was

14 weeks

  • 750mg/wkΓ‚
  • 100mg/ eod
  • 300mg/ eod

My PCT was a pill that Gotpharma sells thats called PCT.


Their stuff is legit. I always see these guys talking about how the gear "made them feel" or worrying about "PIP" I should probably keep it to myself, but how gear makes you feel or PIP is no way to determine whether the gear is bunk or legit, and theres no way to tell how its dosed. If you want to check your gear, theres gear test kits out there, I have never used them but thats a lot more scientific than "how it feels"

If you have been using a legit supplier – Whoever it is = make a post somewhere!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.73
Communication  3.4
Delivery  3
Quality  3.7
Pricing  4.8

Ordered sigma labs test p and dbol/mtren. Entire cycle is professional beginning to end. Made request payed on bank application also, was delivered to my entryway 24 hour delivery. Item is ineffectively named however the stuff inside is of exceptionally excellent, I realize I have had test p and methyl chemicals hunger is unbelievable and soooooo sooooo horny as of now. Will reorder,

Communication was somewhat befuddling from the outset however once I got the correct email address it was on point all messages replied by a very supportive individual,

The delivery bundling was unquestionably sufficient however item bundling is poor yet I truly couldn't care less about that as item is imo appropriately dosed,

Test p and injectable dbol/mtren water based the two items as I would see it are on point however will refresh as plan to run this for a spot,

Test p consumed my mouth when tasted. Extremely solid item certainly dosed right. Dbol mtren or mythical beasts blood as I call it. What an amazing item felt straight away and am trusting is dosed right just time will tell. Looks on point,

Will unquestionably be reordering as was a joy to manage and equip so modest

ontoplums Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  4.1
Communication  4.5
Delivery  4.3
Quality  3.2
Pricing  4.4

hi mate a debt of gratitude is in order for review. I think youll like the torrip its breaking stuff. gives me a touch of pip yet makes me rock hard in around a month (with an arranged eating regimen)

Jcuz67 Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.65
Communication  3.5
Delivery  3.4
Quality  3.4
Pricing  4.3

This review is for two or three items I attempted some time back. also, I thought this is a review this source merits as he is a incredible person to work with.

Communication is extraordinary, what's more, in every case extremely quick and proficient and very helpful.
so that is consistently a reward with a source.

packaging is very attentive and proficient, showed up following day!,

1x test eneanthate,

4 x bayer proviron,

1x arimidex,

1 x tren expert,

i will beginning of with the tren expert, as I feel this aggravate the snappiest and I feel is the simplest to judge regarding awful side effects and positives! the tren pro, was a smooth and simple also pin not all that much pip or anything. got tren hack when seriously too in the wake of sticking right shoulder lol, temperature rised during that time and night. perspiring basin stacks as well! fantastic siphons and quality when in Rec center as well. I feel tren just gives me that additional kick in the ass in the rec center where I can continue onward and going! LOVE IT! ran at 300mg every week,

now for the proviron, I feel by and by proviron for me generally assists with my states of mind when on tren keeps me quite certain as the day progressed, and the sex drive is something different! I love this stuff by and by for that particular explanation haha,

the testosterone enanthate, I felt by and by was effectively dosed and helped me through my cycle, simple also pin decent and smooth so no issues there. ordinary side effects when on test are the sleek skin and high sex drive so was all there. so was all great. ran at 750mg per week,

and the arimidex was decent as well have available too at with estrogen sides, consistently valuable to have kept me quite hard and not very enlarged or watery fortunately. ran these at 0.5mg EOD,

Overall I rate this source, items are acceptable also, genuine, extremely simple to utilize. quite cordial in every case exceptionally supportive and legitimate as well so that is a reward :) its an approval from me!

gotpharma Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.55
Communication  4.1
Delivery  2.9
Quality  4
Pricing  3.2

Many a debt of gratitude is in order for the review mate welcome it!

rd2014 Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.48
Communication  2.9
Delivery  3.2
Quality  4.9
Pricing  2.9

Flawless exchange as usual. This source has consistently delivered an incredible help and I have full confidence that this will proceed.

Excellent. Any messages I sent with respect to the new go were completely addressed quickly.

Packaged very prudently, unrealistic to figure the substance through inclination it. Request was with me inside 48 hours of paying by bank move.

Sigma Oxy,

I just required some Oxy on this request, so thought I'd attempt the Sigma ones and I've been happy with them.

Ran them at 100mg per day for about a month and a half and looked very full, had splendid siphons and quality was up in all regions. These have been on a par with any I've utilized.

I have utilized this source for a few years at this point, as have two or three mates and have never once been frustrated. I will submit a bigger request this week to oversee me to my voyage.

GP will keep on being my wellspring of decision pushing ahead. I can see no motivation to change.

Keep up the great work, folks.

Fireman Avatar
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3 years ago

Aggregate  3.55
Communication  3.1
Delivery  3.1
Quality  4.1
Pricing  3.9

I have at last gotten my request 14 days from installment, Im UK based. Disgrace that we needed to get to the heart of the matter where I needed to bring the circumstance to roidbible.

From a clients purpose of you:,

If you are source and dont have the items in stock let your clients know,,

comunication is significant by any stretch of the imagination stages,

and timing is critical to everybody (particularly when on the center of a cycle),



tren test

cbntu009 Avatar
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3 years ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  4.9
Communication  4.8
Delivery  5
Quality  4.8
Pricing  5

Utilized GP about a year back yet was persuaded by companions to change to another provider they were seething about - wish i'd quite recently remained with GP also, will utilize him solely starting now and into the foreseeable future. astounding item, amazing help and administration, lightning conveyance, and reasonable costs. not a solitary terrible word to state about him.

Amazing correspondence and certifiable help and intrigue - disclosed to him I was simply submitting a little request in light of the fact that tren from the past provider was underdosed and he approved of it being little and requested that I let him know how I jumped on how his stuff had the goods.

Circumspect plain bundling. it would appear that whatever else I'd request on the web.

Tear 240, Tren A, Test E, Test P.

The Apollo injectables are phenomenal. I won't name the past brand I was utilizing so no one considers me a peddler for reviling them, yet I was running their apparatus and just not getting the sentiments I've come to anticipate from Tren. Moved to Apollo gear part of the way through my impact and the sides were beating me senseless. Needed to drop to a large portion of the portion of the gear I'd recently been running and still showed signs of improvement results.Cannot represent the orals as I've never attempted them yet after the aftereffects of the oils I have no motivation to question their quality. 'm going on a voyage for some time now yet I can't sit tight for my next impact utilizing just Apollo gear, the outcomes I got when changing to Apollo partially through my impact were stunning, so I'm mega advertised to utilize them for my maxing out! The only thing I will say is it would be pleasant for them to stock Caber furthermore, Aromasin.

briggers.nb Avatar
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3 years ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  4.95
Communication  4.8
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

I have utilized these folks on numerous events in the course of the most recent couple of years and have not even once been disappointed, from the nature of the item, conveyance, or on the other hand correspondence, this person is consistently on point.

Client Services
Every single time I request I have gotten a convenient point-by-point correspondence, regardless of whether it be previously, during, or after buy.

Continuously all around made sure about and cautious.

My Order
Test 400, Sus 250, Deca , Sus 3 x pw at 1ml Deca 2 x pw at 1ml

All items are true to form. Got great additions during my mass while not picking up an excessive amount of water. Strengths increments were recognizable and I was satisfied with the outcomes. This person is low on the evaluations for reasons unknown yet is a decent dependable source in my book.


10 hours ago .  4.98

CommunicationThe only communication I had with them was when I entered the promo and selected the product which I wanted to try.They responded to me very quickly no more support was needed. T/A & PackagingT/A was around 3 weeks. It was expected to be longer because it was a p ...


10 hours ago .  5

Customer SupportI've had many orders through Ashop, and there's never a need to communicate. Any time I've had an issue, I've made a ticket through the website and someone has always responded within 24 hours. T/AT/A has always been good from naps, usually within the 14-business- ...


11 hours ago .  5

I got in on the promo a few months ago. Kept it simple and used it to get a couple vials of test E. Customer SupportThe communication was great. They always sent a quick response! Shipping ServicesT/A was great. I usually order most of my stuff domestically and although this was ...