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Communication 3.5
Delivery 4.7
Product Quality 4.3
Pricing 3.6


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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.02
Communication  3.5
Delivery  4.7
Quality  4.3
Pricing  3.6

Ok folks been utilizing the test enanthate 250 now for 3 weeks at 1cc a week(cruise mode) and it is dag nab KICKING skin is slick and Drive, well lets simply say my significant other stows away from me. I have utilized pharma grade gear previously so I can look at and this stuff is FIRE,

oil is extremely clear and no pip what so ever,

Communication is Crazy and each email and pm replied. extremely proficient,

turn around was 3 days (as usual) VERY discrete and proficient packaging.
DAM needed to utilize blade to cut pack open Haha.

test enanthate 250,

oils are exceptionally clear and smooth no pip,been utilizing know for 3 weeks.

Guys in the event that you get an opportunity to attempt pct labs DON'T spare a moment.. Liquidex will deal with Every one of your requirements.

HELL simply look at pctlabs reviews and conversation board and decide for yourself.

Liquidex is the robin hood of stuff Haha

I have ordered here several times and have always received my goods. Always received immediate help and feedback in case of problems and questions. Very friendly team. Open group for exchange, which is managed very professionally. Even when the shipping service provider once caus ...


7 hours ago .  5

I order many times on this site, discreet fast shipping and good products

@David Thank you Sir!