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History was added on Wed, 8th of Nov 2023 05:27. This listing was claimed by @Roidocean on Thu, 16th of Nov 2023 14:00. Currently holds the Beginner's Trust Level i.e. Level 1 Steroid Source.


Added Wed, 8th of Nov 2023 05:27
Claimed Thu, 16th of Nov 2023 14:00
Level Level 1
Rep. @Roidocean
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9 hours ago .  5

Very great seller, high quality products, i've ordered more than 10 orders and always all ok.

@Angry_Veteran glad everything meets and exceeds your expectations! I'd love to get an update at the end of your cycle to see how well everything worked for you!

@Donkey I can't wait to hear how you're liking everything once your cycle has kicked in and have started to see gains!