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History was added on Sat, 30th of Sep 2023 02:27. This listing was claimed by @Roidspark on Sat, 30th of Sep 2023 12:00. Currently holds the Beginner's Trust Level i.e. Level 1 Steroid Source.


Greetings esteemed members of SteroidWiki, we are Roidspark

We stand here as a dependable supplier for your Steroids, HGH, PG, and other requirements.

The primary objective of our team is to securely deliver top-notch products to our customers while maintaining clear and readily available customer support throughout this journey.

Within this framework, we are committed to offering renowned brands, product testing, exclusive discounts for Wiki members, and much more.
You will also find our payment methods to be of great interest; now, everything is more dependable, swifter, and more convenient.

Greetings, Wiki Members!


Added Sat, 30th of Sep 2023 02:27
Claimed Sat, 30th of Sep 2023 12:00
Level Level 1
Rep. @Roidspark
Ships from US | EU | UK Domestic and International
Ships to not available
MOQ/P 1$
TA not available
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Paypal ❌ No
Credit/Debit Card ✅ Accepted
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7 hours ago .  5

I have tried the Deus products and they are the best, they have the best quality, I have made 2 preparations with these products and they are the best I have tried, the shipping is fast, the information that offers you services to the customer are optimal, they are always availab ...


8 hours ago .  5

Ordered first time from this site. They are iberian and ship very fast to Europe. In about 5 working days the package arrived to Italy. They replied always very fast by email and telegram, The goods were neatly packaged and arrived in one piece as you can see in the picture. I ha ...


9 hours ago .  5

Placed another successful order love there products.T and A was very good.