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Communication 3.27
Delivery 3.23
Product Quality 3.4
Pricing 4

History was added on Wed, 15th of Feb 2017 05:08. This listing has not been claimed. Currently holds the Lowest Trust Level i.e. Level 0 Steroid Source.


Added Wed, 15th of Feb 2017 05:08
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Joshyah123 Avatar
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2 years ago
I don't recomend this source πŸ‘Ž
Nothing from the order was received 😭

Aggregate  2.8
Communication  2.5
Delivery  1.5
Quality  3.3
Pricing  3.9

Used this source before and was very good with price and delivery, but this time i made a small order and still hasnt arrived after a week and a half. The tracking number i got also didnt work.

Barryboy26 Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.97
Communication  4.4
Delivery  4.2
Quality  3.7
Pricing  3.6



First request off this source what not signs are acceptable. Quick delivery veritable confirmed item and simple measure great scope of items. Will utilize once more.

Communication was simple straight forward. I recieved an email inside the space of minutes no wrecking about giving me simple guidelines. I have utilized different sources yet this must be one of the simplest to use.

T/A was quick I requested on a Saturday my things where here on the Tuesday. So as I would see it quick delivery. Items were stuffed well and secured and descreate.

I requested,

Sus 500 - intex pharma
Mast E - Advar pharma
Sphinx pharma - Tear 200,

I checked the code on the intex pharma and it was checked as certified so all great. Have not utilized at this point however will refresh when I'm part of the way through my cycle,

Would suggest and will utilize once more. Great prices quick delivery great.

bigjosh86 Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.65
Communication  2.9
Delivery  4
Quality  3.2
Pricing  4.5

I\’m a normal client of SJP and the source is phenomenal, consistently there to help if necessary and has an incredible scope of items and labs, I for one use Olympia which was suggested by a companion and should say the incentive for cash is amazing. I think Olympia is the least priced stuff on the site however I\’m improving outcomes than I have with other all the more notable labs. The postage cost is extraordinary for the assistance given. I intend to attempt sustanon and tren from Olympia so will refresh in the wake of utilizing those yet am sure they will be extraordinary going off the stuff I\’ve utilized.

Excellent as in every case truly simple to get hold of the source what's more, they exceed all expectations,

Made many orders and this new one was the same phenomenal packaging,discreet and snappy,

Olympia Test e
Olympia deca
Olympia clen
Syringes and needles,

Excellent quality and pleasantly bundled (consistently a reward) I\’m truly seeing incredible results
At the second utilizing 750 test e 500 deca 160 clen will switch sus (1000) from test e and adding tren (600) in approx 3 weeks for the rest of the cycle,

Ignore the low price and give Olympia a go truly I wouldn\’t without a companion suggesting it however the item is extraordinary I love utilizing it no pip astounding outcomes what more could you request


18 hours ago .  5

Desuschem has a very clean and tidy website, communication is excellent, shipping costs are correct but the best of all is the packaging they make, very discreet. :)Although the most important thing of all is the quality of the products, which in this case are what the labels say ...

@drizzy85 Thank You very much for great review! Enjoy Yours gear brother!:)

@epharma where y’all been for the last few days. Been trying to get in touch by email.