Europe’s Strongest Man 2023 Title Conquered by Pavlo Kordiyaka from Ukraine

Pavlo Kordiyaka from Ukraine Wins the 2023 Europe's Strongest Man Championship

What a significant turning point for a young 27-year-old strongman! Pavlo is already fueled to win World's Strongest Man of 2023, Happening on April 19th. 

Pavlo Kordiyaka is now known all around the globe for being Europe’s Strongest Man Champion in 2023. The strongest active athletes with European ancestry competed in the 13-athlete competition, with the Ukrainian strongman taking first place. The notable tournament took place on April 1, 2023 in the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England where Kordiyaka was crowned as its king.

The 2nd position was secured by Ukrainian nation Oleksii Novikov with 53.5 points. He had recently suffered a slight lat muscle injury, which may have contributed to his inability to successfully defend his title. As stated by Strongman Archives, even though he had an injury, it is Novikov’s 8th podium placing in his last nine contests dating back to early 2022. The 3rd position was secured by Aivar Smaukstelis.

The 2023 Europe Strongest Man highlighted five events in the following order:

  1. Log Press Ladder

  2. Load And Push Race

  3. Deadlift For Reps

  4. Conan’s Wheel

  5. Castle Stones

To grasp the victory, Pavlo Kordiyaka won the Log Press Ladder in 52.55 seconds, The Load And Push Race in 44.14 seconds, and the Conan’s Wheel with a rotation of 1009 degrees; approximately three complete revolutions. The latest world record on Conan’s Wheel is that rotational length.

For the 6th place, Kordiyaka recorded 350 kilograms of Deadlift with three reps in just a minute. The athlete was classified as second on the Castle Stones when he lifted all five in 21.76 seconds.

For the log ladder, it is fair enough to say that Ukraine was portrayed well at the beginning of 2023 Europe’s Strongest Man, as both of their representatives were positioned in the top two. Pavlo Kordiyaka won the contest as the only candidate to complete all five logs. Oleksii Novikov terminated in second as the quickest man to complete four logs. Rounding up the top three, Eythor Melsted finished two seconds longer than Novikov.

2023 Europe’s Strongest Man Final Standings




1 Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine) 57.5
2 Oleski Novikov (Ukraine) 53.5
3 Aivars Šmaukstelis (Latvia) 51.5
4 Eythór Melsted (Iceland) 45.5
5 Adam Bishop (UK) 41.5
6 Shane Flowers(UK) 37
7 Pa O'Dwyer (Ireland) 36.5
8 Konstantine Janashia (Georgia) 30.5
9 Dennis Kohlruss (Germany) 26
10 Paul Smith (UK) 25.5
11 Gavin Bilton (UK) 17.5
12 Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (France) 16.5
13 Graham Hicks (UK) 8

According to Strongman Archives, this ESM victory might be Kordiyaka's greatest achievement yet. The 27-year-old can also blow wins in 2020's Ukraine’s Strongest Man (USM), the 2021 Official Strongman Games – OSG, and the 2022 Marijampole International. Pavlo Kordiyaka's fourth-place debut in the ESM in 2022 represented his prior best performance there.

The next competition of the world’s strongest man in 2023 will also be competed by Kordiyaka on the 19th of April in Myrtle Beach, SC. Although he was unsuccessful to advancing to the Final in his 2022 WSM debut, now he is all prepared. The momentum from his victory at the 2023 ESM could help Kordiyaka succeed on this subsequent occasion.