Youngest IFBB Classic Pro: Anton Ratushnyi

The phenomenal transformation of the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, who shattered the 57-year record!

Bodybuilder Anton Ratushnyi captured the stage’s spotlight after thrashing the record of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. This record that Arnold set 57 years ago was shattered by a teenager at the IFBB Classic Pro 2023 held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.


Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Anton Ratushnyi

Arnold vs Anton

Our film star, Arnold, became the youngest ever to win the Mr. Universe title and earn a "pro card" at just 20 years old, yet Anton Ratushnyi has outdone him at 19 by winning the Classic Physique pro after an incredible four-year transformation. Anton managed to earn the NPC National Division Title in Texas last week and is expected to be the next Olympian in 2024. He is no longer categorized as an amateur bodybuilder after four years of training to get in shape to qualify for IFBB competitions.

How can Anton earn a pro card at just 19?

Anton’s four-year transformation began when he was just 15. The four years spent consistently in the gym resulted in his jacked physique that caught attention. Every muscle and striation on Anton Ratushnyi’s body bears witness to his dedication to his trade, which is demonstrated by his endless hours in the gym, his careful attention to diet, and his unwavering quest for excellence.

With a weight of about 245 pounds and a height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is only a few inches less than Arnie, The Terminator, it's evident that Ratushnyi has put in a lot of exertion to go from an ordinary teenager to an impressively muscular Adonis! In simple words, the physique he developed is with the aid of rigorous training schedules and strict nutritional plans that took him four years to go from being a normal teenager to a professional bodybuilder.

NPC National Championship and Anton Ratushnyi

Anton Ratushnyi has won three NPC titles and earned a pro card in Classic Physique 2023. The NPC National Championships were held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas, on December 8, 2023. This is one of the biggest amateur competitions of the year and Ratushnyi impressed the audience with his aesthetically pleasing physique.

After winning the historic NPC national division, Ratushnyi took to social media to celebrate. He wrote:

"With overcoming lots of adversity over the last year, I can’t stress enough how important it is to believe in yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what others think of you. I’m so glad that I decided to pursue my true passion and didn’t let negativity get to me.

"I took the risk to prep again and challenge myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to not just succeed in bodybuilding but grow as a person that would be worthy of inspiring this new generation."

He concluded by saying:

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your new youngest IFBB Classic Pro, and the overall champion at NPC Nationals 2023."

His followers and fans didn't waver to cluster his Instagram with appreciative comments when he announced his big win. With more than 250k followers on his Instagram eagerly following his journey, every single picture features him flaunting his impressive muscular proportions. The young bodybuilder has been strength training almost every day for couple of years now and shares his well-executed training and disciplined routine with his followers.

Anton Ratushnyi’s Wellness Regime

The Ukrainian bodybuilder Anton’s routine includes full-body weightlifting exercises, weight training, and cardio, all of which target specific muscle groups. Ratushnyi’s 4-times-a-day meals include various kinds of meals rich in proteins that aid in developing muscle mass.

In one of his Instagram posts, he also mentioned that his source of stimulus after getting rejected during his transformation period was to do extreme pull-ups. Anton Ratushnyi’s is expected to be the next Mr. Olympia, as he clearly demonstrates his efforts on his aesthetic physique in becoming one.

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