Ronnie Coleman's Daily Hell!

Why Ronnie Coleman is in a wheel chair? What happened to Ronnie Coleman?

Primarily known for his athletic performances and his Mr. Olympia titles, Ronnie Coleman is also known for his numerous injuries and major surgeries.

The world famous bodybuilder has spent his last years undergoing surgeries after numerous injuries and had to learn to walk again. Sure enough, Ronnie has been seen several times on crutches, even in a wheelchair, and it's not about to end for the eight-time Mr. Olympia. After numerous surgeries on his spine, he claimed to have never felt such pain, in an interview, he notably lost the sensations in his legs and the ability to walk.

The pain was such that no painkiller could relieve him during his hospital stays, preventing him from sleeping and therefore having to stay awake almost 24 hours a day. Despite the overflow of emotions, Ronnie could not help but keep smiling and staying positive!

While many people would have lost will, the bodybuilder learned to live with pain, successfully going through numerous operations, from the wheelchair and then to the crutches, all thanks to his mentality and his experience in bodybuilding.

In his interview for Generation Iron, he talks about facing this as a real battle but does not regret anything from his past, he continues to find moments of happiness despite the daily pain.

A warrior mentality for a man who marked the history of bodybuilding and who will continue to mark our minds forever.