Ronnie Coleman reveals his first PED use

In a recent podcast with The Ranveer Show, episode no. 364, Ronnie Coleman disclosed how he started using steroids with continuous health check-ups.

Ronnie Coleman’s Bodybuilding Competition History

Ronnie Coleman was at his peak in his bodybuilding career during the years 1990 to 2000. Indeed, he is a legendary figure who dominated the sports and fitness industry. He continued to invest in the bodybuilding community even after his retirement.

Ronnie Coleman won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1998 to 2005, beating the record set by Lee Haney. His remarkable combination of size, symmetry, and muscle density defined his physique, exhibiting muscular growth that distinguished him from his competitors at that time. He showed consistent perseverance and determination on the bodybuilding stage due to which he has gained millions of fans’ support.

In addition to his famed bodybuilding career, he also worked as a police officer, underlining his dedication to discipline and hard work.

The Significance of Red Meat and Protein for Muscle Mass according to Ronnie Coleman.

In a recent YouTube podcast, Ronnie Coleman talks about his diet during competition and his first-ever steroid cycle in detail.

Despite suffering from several physical setbacks, including multiple surgeries on his neck, back, and hips, the challenges weren’t enough to prevent Coleman’s passion for bodybuilding. ‘The King’ has stated that he lives in pain but recently shared an update following stem cell treatment that he was able to reduce the number of painkillers he uses. These major improvements have Coleman feeling like his ‘old self’ again.

He exclaimed:

“You also gotta have the mentality; you gotta do what it takes to get on that stage. Some guys may not wanna eat certain things like beef and all the stuff that bodybuilders have to eat to be the best. I ate a ton of beef. I ate a ton of chicken. I ate a ton of turkey”

He also told the significance of red meat during bodybuilding competitions.

The interviewer asks if red meat plays a role. To which Ronnie said:

“For me it did. Not a big role cause I only ate it once a day. Mostly it was a lot of chicken for the most part”

The host then asked:

“Do you think just chicken and fish you can build up?”

“Oh ya for sure you can but you probably can’t look like I did.”

“So you think red meat is actually one of the reasons you had that kind of thickness?” Asks the host.

“Oh yeah, for sure. I know for a fact it did. Protein is what builds muscle. You gotta eat a lot of protein. That’s why I ate 600 grams a day. Now I eat maybe about 200-300 grams a day. I’m still a big guy, I still have to eat kinda big. Before I got into bodybuilding, I ate a lot of meat and I ate a lot. Even before I was bodybuilding.”

Ronnie Coleman expressed how he felt on His First Time Using Steroids.

‘I was so afraid to do all that stuff back then’

Ronnie Coleman broke down his first steroid cycle early in his career.

As a professional bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman admitted that he has taken performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), but he emphasizes that he always used them under the doctor’s supervision and that he regularly monitored his health.

Coleman said:

“Everything that I put in my body you know was doctor prescribed. And every four months I would get a check-up and make sure the liver was right, the kidneys were right, the heart was right, you know I had everything checked. I never had a problem.”

“You need to have your body checked out at least every six months, don’t go six months without checking it. I’ve never gone six months without checking it even now.”

Ronnie Coleman also said on the show that Flex Wheeler was the one to introduce him to the world of PEDs.

“It was probably 1995-1996 somewhere in there. I was 30 years old. The first time ever, because I was so afraid to do all that stuff back then.”

“Well, I got a lot of information from Flex Wheeler. He gave me a lot of information. Flex had been around he won a lot of stuff, ‘I wonder what he’s doing.’

“You want to find out what somebody is doing, you go straight to them and ask them. You don’t go to some fan on the street, or you don’t go to his friend. You go to him, you know, and hopefully, he’ll tell you. With Flex, he was quite honest with me because everything he told me worked” Coleman explains.

When the host, Ranveer asked for details about the dosage of the steroids he was up to, Ronnie replied:

“No, I don’t remember dosages or what I took. It’s been so long ago. It was just normal. I just know it was like normal dosages. People think I took you know massive massive amounts, I’m like no, no. If I would have taken massive massive amounts, I don’t think I’d be sitting here.”

Ronnie Coleman emphasizes the value of periodic medical examinations to make sure the body is managing everything and operating as it should.

“The route that I took, I always checked to make sure that my body was functioning right, and everything was functioning right. That’s why I looked like I did on stage even though I was big and muscular I looked healthy. If you go back and look at my skin, some guys, their skin is bad when they are up there. I didn’t have a lot of it, my skin wasn’t bad at all. I could see it for myself. I’m looking at the other guys with all these pimples and all these red marks all over their body and I’m like how the hell, no, I wouldn’t want to look like that.”

Considering Ronnie Coleman’s journey as a bodybuilder who has used performance-enhancing substances, he can pick up on the signs of someone who is using gear. Coleman recently assessed the "nattyness" of seven well-known actors, including Dwayne "The Rock," using his steroid radar.

Ronnie Coleman has shared not only his tips for dieting and workouts but also what it was like for him during his career. Giving details on his boring diet and max weight records, Coleman is open to the bodybuilding community.

Ronnie Coleman stands as a living legend, not only for his exceptional success in the bodybuilding realm but also for his inspirational story of consistency, resilience, and dedication. His impact on the fitness industry and the culture of bodybuilding remains eternal, making him an iconic figure in the community.

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