Should Bodybuilders take CBD?

The hemp plant called cannabis contains a large number of cannabinoid molecules, including CBD and THC. Unlike THC, which can have harmful consequences on the human body, CBD is prized for its positive effects. Thanks to numerous studies that have confirmed its multiple benefits, its use has increased considerably in sports. Why should athletes take CBD? Here is a guide that talks about it.

To improve the circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm (wake-sleep system) brings together all the biological events that take place in the body every 24 hours and in a cyclical fashion. A distinction is made between metabolic processes, variations in body temperature, hormone synthesis, etc. It protects the body against variations in blood pressure and controls the different phases of sleep.

Most athletes struggle with an imbalance in their sleep-wake cycle. The latter presents a lethargic state which leads to a loss of energy and vice versa. Faced with this situation, athletes turn to take stimulants such as coffee, sleeping pills, etc. Subsequently, there is a degradation of the nervous system which can be accentuated with the permanent intake of stimulants.

Unlike stimulants, frequent intake of CBD has a positive effect on the regulation of sleep-wake cycles in athletes. Indeed, the body of the human being has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which plays an important role in the circadian rhythm. As the site explains to us, this endocannabinoid system has receptors that are able to interact with CBD through specific mechanisms. In doing so, the body benefits from a return to normal biological balance.

As a result, athletes who suffer from sleep disorders can consume a dose of CBD between 10 and 20 mg. Thus, they will be able to compensate for the energy losses unfavorable to their sporting activity.

To contribute to muscle relaxation

After a series of physical exercises, athletes generally feel pain and cramps in the muscles. This is due to the lactate that builds up within the muscles during workouts. By doing so, these athletes find it difficult to carry out usual activities such as walking, going up and downstairs, etc. Thanks to its muscle relaxation power, CBD improves recovery time in athletes.

Indeed, the human nervous system is endowed with a chemical messenger (inhibitory neurotransmitter) called GABA. The latter has receptors that allow it to intervene in muscle recovery in athletes. Low GABA levels can lead to cramps, muscle spasms, and drug and alcohol-related disorders. CBD consumption stimulates GABA-A receptors for this neurotransmitter which increases GABA levels. The latter acts on the nervous system to soothe muscle pain in athletes.

In addition, athletes who practice regular physical exercises can prevent muscle pain through the use of CBD. However, it is recommended to opt for a daily dose of CBD between 10 and 20 mg in order to avoid complications.

To reduce anxiety

CBD is beneficial for athletes who suffer from chronic or acute anxiety. Indeed, the objective of the majority of athletes is to improve their performance during physical exercise sessions in order to guarantee a smooth running of competitions. All this exposes athletes to this mental phenomenon which represents a threat to the success of competitions.

The multiple studies carried out on cannabis have made it possible to confirm the positive effects of CBD in the fight against anxiety in athletes. These studies also make it possible to exclude the use of THC, which represents a substance harmful to the health of athletes. Thus, the latter can use CBD to combat anxiety and increase their performance before the start of competitions.

It is advisable to use this compound before starting training sessions and competitions. To protect the health of athletes, the recommended dose of CBD is between 3 and 10 mg. Regular intake of these microdoses of CBD will allow athletes to enjoy a sense of peace and quiet before starting their competition.

However, opt for hemp plants from a full-spectrum variety. Unlike CBD isolate, full-spectrum hemp plants feature flavonoids and terpenes. These compounds boost the effectiveness of full-spectrum hemp plants in fighting anxiety.