Sam Sulek chest workout ft. Samson Dauda

Build Herculean Chest with Dauda & Sulek

What a privilege to get posing tips from the legend Samson Dauda!

The Nigerian Lion devoted the time to leading one of the most popular fitness influencers Sam Sulek through a tension-filled chest workout.

In a recent video posted on YouTube, IFBB Pro Samson Dauda trained Sulek on chest workouts offering tips during each exercise.

Samson Dauda, also famous as ‘The Nigerian Lion’ is a prime example for bodybuilding fans and followers. As a professional bodybuilder with an impressive accolade of titles, he is considered one of the top competitors in the Men’s Open Division. As a dominant champion of the Arnold Classic, he is consistent in maintaining a niche in bodybuilding.


On the flip side, Sam Sulek is now popular for his jacked physique at a young age. Sulek has become a remarkable identity for the fitness community, especially for the young generation as he promotes bodybuilding without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. He inspires his fans by demonstrating proper techniques to maintain body structure through his video content. A little while back, he disclosed that he would be going to compete in the Classic Physique category within the next one or two years.


Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek have almost the same physique, the only difference is their professional experience in the bodybuilding realm. Therefore, Sulek spent time with the mass monster Dauda to learn professional posing skills and strategies for the chest structure.

On a recent YouTube video, both collaborated for a workout session where Dauda taught Sulek some handy tips.

Samson Dauda's guidelines during the intense training session

The workout included:

  1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press — 4 sets
  2. Chest Press Machine — 4 sets
  3. Chest Fly Machine — 4 sets

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Dauda demonstrated how tension is more critical than the amount of weight being lifted.

“Remember, the body has no idea what the weight you’re lifting is. it only knows the resistance you’re putting through it. when you start focusing on the numbers and the weights you can lift, you focus on trying to move the weight so much, but you lose the idea of what you’re actually trying to do.”

Chest Press Machine

For this part, Sulek shared how he saves squeezing for the end of the lift and emphasizes avoiding injury.

“I like saving the squeezing kind of burning sets towards the end of the lift because I like the fact that I am physically doing as much as possible…I’m kind of staying away from the incline barbell now. the machine is good. it’s way better than the hammer strength one.”

Rather than exerting maximum effort during the last one or two sets of a workout, Dauda prefers to "capitalize on everything" throughout his workout regimen.

“My thing is that every single movement, we are trying to capitalize on everything. Even the warm-up, we are trying to push blood into that area, that muscle that you’re trying to train, all the way through,” said Dauda.

Moreover, Sulek mentioned how he stayed away from incline barbell rows to preserve his structure.

“I’m kind of staying away from incline barbell now. The machine is good. It’s way better than the Hammer Strength one.”

“What happens is, press and rest, but the pain and the tension is intense but yeah, the chances of injury now go down. There we go, because you’re literally doing it the way you can just get it back up,” responds Dauda.

Chest Fly Machine

The collaborative workout session concluded with a chest fly-on machine. Dauda guides Sulek by explaining how  this specific workout is helpful for maximum contractions for muscle building.

“We all have different body types so we just find something that we can contract better and to move our hands into the position of where we are,” Dauda said.

Sam Sulek enjoys cable fly, whether it be standard or down.

“Sometimes I do cable flys kind of downward. Even when you get tired, you feel it [front delt],” said Sulek.

“Squeeze the obliques. Remember, every time it pulls you in, you want to counteract that,” adds Dauda.

Wrap up

Sam Sulek, 22, has faced criticism for his diet and purported use of performance-enhancing drugs, yet Dauda is incredibly impressed with the muscleman. He thinks that Sulek's grounded approach and rigorous training regimen are what draw in so many followers. 

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