Steranabol Ritardo (Oxabolone Cypionate) Steroid profile

Steranabol Ritardo (Oxabolone Cypionate)

Steranabol Ritardo, also known as Oxabolone Cypionate, is derived from the popular muscle-building medication known as nandrolone. It was designed to help people build lean muscle and decrease fat

It distinguishes itself from nandrolone in its manufacturing process. It was modified to aid in developing lean muscle while preventing excessive fat growth. Steranabol Ritardo fascinates people since it is like a lost gem in the field of muscle growth. Even though it is no longer available, many continue to discuss its merits and wish they could still have it. This adds to its allure and encourages others to learn more about it.

In short, Steranabol Ritardo is a reminder of how muscle-building medications have evolved throughout time. It's like a piece of history that still captures people's attention because of its importance in helping people get stronger and fitter.

Chemical Composition

  • Chemical Name: Oxabolone Cypionate
  • Chemical Formula: C26H38O4
  • Molecular Weight (Base): 290.4016
  • Molecular Weight (Ester): 132.1184

Steranabol Ritardo is distinguished by its transformation of nandrolone, a prominent muscle-building steroid. This modified version has two significant changes:

  • The insertion of a 17-alpha methyl group and
  • A 4-hydroxyl group at carbon 4.

These modifications serve unique functions. The 17-alpha methyl group improves the drug's capacity to be taken orally, allowing it to be ingested rather than injected, making it more convenient for users. Meanwhile, the 4-hydroxyl group at carbon 4 reduces the steroid's androgenic characteristics and inclination to convert to oestrogen, a hormone that can induce undesirable side effects.
These adjustments collectively transform Steranabol Ritardo into a steroid that's especially suitable for cutting cycles, where the goal is to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Working of Steranabol Ritardo in body

Steranabol Ritardo acts in the body through a variety of methods. 

Anabolic Effects: This refers to the drug's capacity to stimulate protein synthesis and retain nitrogen in muscles. This increases lean muscle mass, which is advantageous for people trying to improve their strength and looks. 

Androgenic Effects: While Steranabol Ritardo has minor androgenic capabilities, which means it might promote the development of masculine traits, these effects are less evident than those of other steroids. Nonetheless, they contribute to increased strength and general performance. 

Non-Estrogenic Actions: Unlike other steroids, Steranabol Ritardo does not convert to oestrogen in the body. As a consequence, it is less likely to produce estrogen-related adverse effects such as water retention and gynecomastia (male breast tissue expansion). This feature makes it ideal for generating a hard, thick, and vascular look during cutting cycles, where water retention is minimised. 

Steranabol Ritardo's changed composition and unique mechanisms of action make it an appealing alternative for those wishing to enhance their physique, especially during cutting periods where the aim is to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Its potential to boost muscle development, increase strength, and attain a defined, vascular appearance while avoiding estrogen-related negative effects makes it an important tool in the armoury of bodybuilders and athletes alike. 

Indications and purpose 

Steranabol Ritardo works like Deca-Durabolin, but it's mainly used for getting defined muscles, which makes it great for contests and keeping lean muscle.

Dosing Guidelines

Men: Effective doses range from 200-400mg weekly.Women: Lower doses, typically 50-100mg per week, to minimize virilization symptoms.
Cycle Duration: Typically 8-12 weeks.

Potential Side Effects

When taking Steranabol Ritardo, it's important to know the potential adverse effects. These may include: 

Water Retention: Some people may suffer bloating or fluid retention when taking Steranabol Ritardo, which can cause a temporary rise in body weight. 

Acne: Skin outbreaks are a typical adverse effect of steroids, especially Steranabol Ritardo. This is related to increased oil production in the skin. 

Hair Loss: Steranabol Ritardo may hasten hair loss in people who are prone to male pattern baldness. 

Virilisation Symptoms in Women: Female Steranabol Ritardo users may have masculinizing effects like deepening the voice, development of facial or body hair, and enlargement of the clitoris.

Liver Toxicity: Steranabol Ritardo, like many oral steroids, can impose pressure on the liver and induce liver damage if taken for an extended period or in large doses.

Suppression of Testosterone Production: Steranabol Ritardo suppresses the body's natural testosterone synthesis, resulting in hormonal abnormalities. Following a Steranabol Ritardo cycle, post-cycle medication is frequently required to return testosterone levels to baseline. 


Steranabol Ritardo is commonly administered intramuscularly, which means it is injected straight into muscle tissue. This procedure guarantees that the medicine is well absorbed into the circulation, allowing its effects to be felt throughout the body. Furthermore, Steranabol Ritardo's long-acting ester allows for a progressive release of the medicine over time, resulting in longer-lasting effects and a more stable level of medication in the body. 

Cycle Stacking

For better effects, Steranabol Ritardo can be "stacked" with other anabolic steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. Common stacking possibilities include

  • Testosterone
  • Dianabol
  • Deca Durabolin
  • Winstrol, or Anavar, depending on the desired outcomes.

By mixing numerous drugs, users hope to increase the overall benefits of each drug while perhaps reducing the danger of negative effects associated with large dosages of a single component. 

Detection Time

Steranabol Ritardo, a long-acting ester, has a detection time of 2-3 months and is priced accordingly. This implies that the remains of the medication can be identified in the body for a long time after administration, making it inappropriate for persons exposed to regular drug testing, such as sportsmen. 


While Steranabol Ritardo has potential advantages for lean muscle growth, fat reduction, and performance enhancement, its rarity and discontinued status restrict its use in current times. Understanding its chemical makeup, modes of action, dose requirements, and potential adverse effects is critical for anyone contemplating its usage, but it is more of a historical curiosity than a current steroid choice. 


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