MGF Complete Profile, Dosage and Other Related Details

MGF (Mechano Growth Factor), a splice variant of IGF-1

What is MGF?

MGF - Mechano Growth Factor is derived from a distinct sequence of insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1). Therefore, it is also known as IGF-1Ec. The muscle under mechanical stress produces MGF, which is important in tissue repair and adaptation. It appears to play a role in the activation of muscle satellite (stem) cells and appears as a pulse after muscle injury. These provide the muscle fibres with the nuclei needed for both the processes of repair and hypertrophy, which may involve related regulatory mechanisms. MGF rises inside the body after approximately 72 hours after physical resistance training. IGF-1 and MGF are high for 72 hours afterwards exercise, and accelerated healing takes place during this time.

MGF Vial 5 mg

MGF for Bodybuilders:

MGF has gained a reputable name in the bodybuilding industry as it has the capability to decrease fat mass in the human body meanwhile increasing the strength of bones. It helps in quicker healing and recovery of muscles as well as assist cells to grow and get bigger. Damage tissues can be recovered and new muscle growth can take place on the existing layer of muscle by MGF. It not only benefits bodybuilders but also aids in the treatment of diseases associated with age-related muscle wasting. One of the best aspects of MGF is that you can grow muscle in the specific area that you desire.

What does MGF do?

MGF plays a significant role in child development and later continues to contribute to having an anabolic effect throughout adulthood.  MGF is produced in the liver yet the quantity decreases as we age. It is released when the muscle is stretched and exercised. This is especially prevalent after a muscle has undergone intense weight training. Through the activation of muscle stem cells and the resulting increase in the synthesis of proteins required for tissue growth, MGF has the capacity to promote the repair and growth of wasted tissue. MGF peptide not only helps young people to minimize their suffering from muscle loss but also helps older people in particular conditions.

MGF works at its peak for promoting protein synthesis, when one is sleeping therefore to enhance the efficiency of MGF get a massive amount of protein and plenty of quality sleep. It fosters the retention of nitrogen in muscle fibre while increasing protein synthesis.

What are the benefits of MGF?

When you are done with the exercise, the muscle groups that are targeted during the exercise start to work and focus on renovation. Renovation in exercising means recovery. MGF signals satellite cells to begin rebuilding during the recovery phase, and in turn, MGF mobilizes amino acids to aid in the remodelling of the muscles. Hormones then start to perform Satellite Cell proliferation.

What is Satellite Cell proliferation?

Satellite Cell proliferation

Postnatal muscle growth, hypertrophy, and regeneration are carried out by satellite cells, which are the main stem cells in adult skeletal muscle. Proliferation is the multiplication of satellite cells to enhance the process smoothly.

Due to the presence of MGF, possible growth of muscle concerning size and strength occurs. The benefits of MGF Peptide are listed below:

  • It activates muscle satellite stem cells at the right time.
  • MGF causes the 'satellite' stem cells to fuse with the muscle fibers.
  • Satellite Cells supply fresh and extra nuclei, which are necessary for repair.
  • MGF Peptide is important for the repair, recovery, and growth of new cells.
  • It assists in the enhancement of bones too; hence, one can also use it for bone-related problems.
  • MGF promotes skeletal muscles.
  • It has anti-aging benefits.
  • It gives benefits to fat metabolism
  • MGF Peptide enhances the heart muscle repair process as well.
  • Enhanced immunity system inside the human body.

What is PEG-MGF?


MGF has a half-life of about 5 to 7 minutes which is very low to activate satellite cells inside a human body. Because of this reason, scientists have found a solution to increase its half-life by adding a compound to it. This compound doesn’t affect the efficiency of MGF but only isolates it and modifies it. PEG-MGF that is Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor increases the half-life of this certain peptide from a few minutes to several days. PEGylating is the addition of Polyethylene Glycol to a specific peptide. It is a safe method because the PEG group is quickly eliminated by urination and does not attach to other chemicals in the body.

PEG-MGF is a harmless and efficient alternative to consume by patients who are exploring an enhanced recovery process or repair through anabolic signaling. When treating patients who are prone to hypoglycemia, PEG-MGF should be used cautiously. Additionally, to prevent unwanted tissue hypertrophy, patient-specific dosing and injection schedules are essential.

MGF Half-Life:

If MGF Peptide is not Pegylated then the half-life is only for a few minutes, as mentioned in the above paragraph. PEGylated MGF must be taken into account throughout the compounding process to guarantee a suitable half-life and lengthen the duration of action. The actual half-life of pegylated MGF is 48 to 72 hours, which is 4 to 6 days. This is enough time to make lucrative changes inside the human body.

What PEG-MGF Forms are Available in the Market?

MCG Capsule

PEG-MGF is available as a subcutaneous injection and in capsules as well.

How do I inject MGF into the body?

The best approach to consuming PEG-MGF is through intramuscular injection. Yet it has a long half-life one can also inject it under the skin into the fat tissues such as the belly, thighs, or buttocks. It would still reach the receptors found on the muscle cells even if you injected it under the skin and be just as effective.

PEG-MGF Dosage and Cycle

Bodybuilders can consume approximately 200 to 300 mcg per day as per scientific and clinical studies says. It can be taken before bed or right after the physical training.

If you choose to take capsulated PEG MGF, then professional healthcare providers advise you to begin by taking 3 capsules daily.

The cycle of PEG-MGF is commonly incorporated for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Who can benefit from using MGF?

MGF is usually utilized in situations that call for anabolic improvements, such as sarcopenia (muscle wasting), stroke, or heart attack, as well as bone and soft tissue healing after damage (such as tendon, ligament, and muscle).  MGF is especially useful for people requiring enhanced recovery and muscle building following eccentric muscle loading.

Side effects of MGF:

Even though MGF peptide has several potential advantages established by scientific studies on numerous subjects, there are also few adverse side effects reported. That doesn't imply that MGF peptide is dangerous, but due to a lack of research, it might carry some risks. These side effects are listed below:

  • Swelling of the extremities which means limbs, arms, and legs
  • Lower blood pressure in the body
  • Irregular cardiovascular activities
  • Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar
  • Nose bleeding
  • Tingling sensation in fingertipS

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