YK-11 (Myostine): Complete Profile, Dosage, Results, and Other Relevant Information

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  1. Introduction
  2. Working of YK 11
  3. Structure
  4. Dosage
  5. YK11 Benefits
  6. Side effects of YK11
  7. Before and after effects
  8. How to Follow a YK11 SARM Cycle


YK11 is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). It is well-known for its ability to increase muscle mass, increase strength, and decrease body fat. This is accomplished by targeting androgen receptors and blocking myostatin, a protein that regulates muscle development. YK11 promotes muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin. As a result, it is a very promising supplement for bodybuilders looking to bulk up. YK11 is a powerful and unique SARM that not only functions as a muscle builder but also as a myostatin inhibitor, encouraging muscle growth by decreasing its regulation. It's similar to a synthetic form of testosterone but with distinct advantages. YK11 has no negative effects on the liver, unlike other types of testosterone, since it is not metabolized there.

Working of YK 11

YK11 works by binding to androgen receptors in your body and signaling your skeletal muscles to develop. What distinguishes YK11 is its dual activity as a SARM and a myostatin inhibitor, which gives it an additional boost in encouraging muscle development.
Myostatin, a protein your body produces, functions as a natural regulator, restricting the muscle you may normally build. YK11 suppresses myostatin production, releasing your genetic potential for muscular development.
It accomplishes this by attaching to androgen receptors and prompting muscle cells to create more follistatin, a protein that works in the opposite direction of myostatin. Simply said, YK11 eliminates the "muscle growth limit" that your body sets on itself, allowing users to experience fast muscle mass increases.
YK11 stimulates muscle growth, with the extra benefit of blocking myostatin synthesis, resulting in even greater muscle-building effects.



The recommended dosage of YK11 is 10-30 mg per day.

YK11 Benefits

As a confirmed myostatin inhibitor, YK11 has numerous major advantages. While more specific information is available online, the following are three significant advantages of this compound:

Increased muscular Mass

YK11 is well-known for its potential to promote rapid muscular growth. It outperforms other SARMs in efficiency and speed, frequently producing obvious effects after a single cycle. YK11 increases the creation of new muscle fibres and collagen by inhibiting the action of the myostatin protein, which normally inhibits muscle mass synthesis and recovery. This helps to preserve and enhance current lean mass.

Strengthened Bones

YK11 contributes to an increase in Activated PKB (Protein Kinase B) levels, which substantially influences bone cell proliferation. Bodybuilders who completed a YK11 cycle reported stronger bones and fewer incidences of bone breaking. This outcome reveals YK11's beneficial effect on bone health.

Increased Strength

YK11 are well-known for their potential to boost strength and endurance. Users frequently experience a significant increase in strength within a few weeks after beginning a cycle. Individuals claiming the capacity to lift higher weights have reported improved performance in exercises such as bench presses. Some users have even claimed deadlift improvements of up to 50 pounds while using YK11.

These advantages emphasize YK11's ability to boost bone strength, assist muscular growth, and improve overall strength and performance during training.

Side effects of YK11 

YK11 is now the subject of various investigations, and information on its negative effects has primarily come from bodybuilders who have used it for brief periods of time. Here are some of the possible negative effects to be aware of:

Testosterone Drop

YK11, like many steroids and SARMs, can lower testosterone levels. However, as compared to other substances, this action is quite weak. To alleviate this problem, a smaller dose of about 5 mg is advised. Low testosterone levels can cause symptoms such as fatigue and mood swings. After a 4-week YK11 cycle, post-cycle treatment with drugs such as Clomid and Novaldex is recommended to counteract these effects.

Joint Pain

Some YK11 users have reported joint pain. This might be due to a cortisol hormone imbalance in the body. When cortisol regulation is interrupted, it can impact many body systems and cause severe joint pain. Taking nutrients during post-cycle treatment might help to lessen this negative effect.

High Follistatin Levels

Elevated Follistatin levels generated by YK11 can have ramifications for several body parts. Follistatin, in excess, raises the risk of several malignancies, including cutaneous, esophageal, stomach, and prostate cancer. However, high levels of Follistatin have been discovered to have a preventive impact against breast cancer, while further study is needed.
It is crucial to know that, like other anabolic steroids, YK11 can cause various adverse effects ranging from minor to severe. Increased hair growth, acne, changes in libido, sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, nausea, and headaches are all common side effects. High blood pressure, liver damage, renal damage, and heart damage are all possible adverse effects.
Given the hazards, it is suggested that only those with past experience with anabolic steroid use consider utilising YK11. Those contemplating YK11 supplements must be aware of the hazards and proceed with caution.

Before and after effects

Bodybuilders who rely on muscle growth supplements have switched to YK11 because they believe it is safer than other SARMs. Although YK11 has some anabolic steroid-like effects, its efficacy is fairly restricted. It does, however, stand out for having fewer negative effects. It's vital to remember that YK11 takes time to work, and you should anticipate to take it for at least 4-6 weeks before seeing any results.

How to Follow a YK11 SARM Cycle

YK11 is typically dosed at 10 to 15 milligrammes twice day, for a total of up to 30 milligrammes of SARMs each day. Women normally begin with significantly smaller dosages, no more than 2 milligrammes per day as a starting point. Regardless of gender, it is critical to begin cautiously. YK11 is not a quick fix for performance enhancement, and it is critical to give your body time to react. 
Furthermore, a two-month cycle length is not suggested. The typical YK11 cycle lasts four to eight weeks.

Please keep in mind that before beginning any supplements or cycles, you should always speak with a healthcare practitioner or a bodybuilding specialist. Individual concerns and variables may differ.

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