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Tren ace, hex, or tri tren?

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I'm on my first tren cycle, I've been running 100mg of tren ace every other day. I've always heard that it's best to run ace first incase you can't deal with the sides. The sides haven't been too bad, just the occasional night sweats. I definitely want to run tren again in my next cycle but I was wondering if I could switch to a longest ester so I wouldn't have to pin as often. I was really debating on if I should just use ace again, try hex, or tri tren. The hex would be a bit more expensive because I'd be using 4ml per week to get 300mg. The tri tren is 250mg, 100 of ace, 75 enth, and 75 hex. I guess in theory the tri tren is the most cost effective per mg but I don't know if it would be worth it. I don't even know how I'd dose it because I have no clue what sides I'd get odd 2ml/500mg ew. What are your thoughts on the ace vs hex vs tri tren debate?

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