What is happening at upcoming Mr Olympia 2023?

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Mr Olympia  2023?
  2. What is Happening at Olympia 2023?
  3. Qualifiers of Mr Olympia divisions 2023
  4. Qualifiers of Ms Olympia divisions 2023
  5. Olympia Qualification System Rules 2023 
  6. Wrapping up

What is Mr. Olympia 2023?

One of the world's most well-known and esteemed bodybuilding competitions is Mr Olympia. Every professional bodybuilder hopes to compete in the Mr Olympia competition and win the title eventually.

In 2022, Hadi Choopan won the glorious title of Mr Olympia 2022 in Las Vegas. He won the prize money of $400,000. He is an Iranian bodybuilder with a height of 5’7 and a weight of 220 lb. He again qualified for Mr Olympia 2023 with more motivation and strength.

Mr Olympia 2023, which will start from 2nd to 5th November 2023, is the IFBB Professional League bodybuilding competition. It is also known as a part of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend which will be happening in Orlando, Florida. Mr Olympia, which will be held in the first week of November this year, will going to be the 39th Olympia competition.  People from around the world who are qualified in its division will be going to participate in this competition. There are some specific qualification rules which are defined in this article.

What is happening at Olympia 2023?

Some competitions are held earlier, and many are about to occur so that the qualifiers can participate in the final round of Mr Olympia 2023. The deadline for qualifying certain divisions is the 9th of October, 2023. There are several divisions of Mr Olympia, both for men and women. The divisions are:

  1. Olympia/Men’s Bodybuilding: Each participant will have 60 seconds to perform eight poses: Front double biceps, front lat spread, side chest, back double biceps, back lat spread, side triceps, abdominals and thigh and lastly, most muscular.
  2. Classic Physique Olympia: Each player will have 60 seconds to do six poses which are front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps, side triceps, abdominals and thigh, and favourite classic pose.
  3. Olympia/Women’s Bodybuilding: Competitors will perform seven poses which include front double biceps, front lat spread, side chest, back double biceps, back lat spread, side triceps and abdominals and thighs.
  4. Figure Olympia: In detail, certain outfit rules are mentioned on the IFBB Pro website.
  5. Wheelchair Olympia: Bodybuilders using wheelchairs participate in this division and are marked based on their upper body muscle mass, symmetry and conditioning. The four poses of this division are side chest, front double biceps, back double biceps and abdominals.
  6. 212 Olympia: It is designed for bodybuilders with smaller heights smaller than 5’5 or 166 m because they do not have the same muscle mass. The 212 rules are similar to Men’s open division; the only difference is the weight which should be less than 212 pounds.
  7. Men Physique Olympia: In detail, certain rules for outfits are mentioned on the IFBB Pro website. Furthermore, there are divisions based on height.
  8. Fitness Olympia: Women competitors will be doing push up of any kind, high kicks, strangleholds and side splits.
  9. Bikini Olympia: The rules and images of the poses required to compete are shown on the website; click here to learn more.
  10. Wellness Olympia (for females): The female competitors in this division should have athletic builds with noticeable body mass in the hip, glute, and thigh regions.
  11. Women's Physique Olympia: Qualifiers will perform five poses in the following sequence: front double biceps with open hands, side chest with arms extended, back double biceps with open hands, side triceps with leg extended and abdominal along with thighs.

Knowing the various competitive bodybuilding divisions will help you grasp the qualities that judges are searching for in contestants.

Do you have any guesses about the winners? In the content below, let’s learn about the qualified people from previous years and then guess the winner.

Qualifiers of Mr Olympia Division 2023

The division 2023 for men qualifiers are:

Mr Olympia/ Men’s Bodybuilding

  1. Brett Wilkin from the USA
  2. Hadi Choopan from Iran
  3. Derek Lunsford from the USA
  4. Nick Walker from the USA
  5. Brandon Curry from the USA
  6. Mamdouh Elssbiay from Egypt
  7. Samson Dauda from the United Kingdom
  8. Behrooz Tabani from Iran

There are different winners from the past 3 years, yet Mamdouh Elssbiay (also known as Big Ramy) won in 2020 and 2021, so it will be possible that he will win this year as well.

212 Olympia

  1. Felipe Fierro from Chile
  2. Shaun Clarida from the USA
  3. Angel Calderon from Spain
  4. Kamal Elgargni from Libya
  5. Ahmad Ashkanani from Kuwait

Shaun Clarida or Kamal Elgargni will win because Derek Lunsford didn't qualify for this division. Otherwise, he would have won as he also achieved the second position in 2022, Mr Olympia.

Classic Physique Olympia

  1. Woilid Baatout from France
  2. Chris Bumstead from Canada
  3. Ramon Rocha Queiroz from Brazil
  4. Urs Kalecinski from Germany
  5. Mike Sommerfeld from Germany
  6. Eric Brown from the USA
  7. Daniil Famponte from USA
  8. Andrei Kozhokar from Russia

Chris Bumstead is likely to win, as he consecutively won this title in 2019.

Men Physique Olympia

  1. Mehdi Kabbadj from Morocco
  2. Ming Chieh Tsai from the District of Taiwan
  3. Kahlia Ramzi from Algeria
  4. Corey Morris from the USA
  5. Erin Banks from the USA
  6. Brandon Hendrickson from the USA
  7. Diogo Montenegro from Brazil
  8. Mahmood Al-Maghrabi from Bahrain
  9. Emanuel Hunter from the USA
  10. Mauro Fialho Garcia, Jr from Spain
  11. Carlos DeOliveira from Brazil
  12. Benquil Marigny from USA

Erin Banks won the Men Physique title last year, but as there are several competitors so it’s difficult to guess the winner this time.

Wheelchair Olympia

  1. Harold Kelley from the USA
  2. Gabriele Andriulli from Italy
  3. Antoni Khadraoui from Algeria
  4. Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro from Brazil

Point Standing Contest in Wheel Chair Bodybuilding

  • Arnold Classic Winner from the USA was Samson Duada
  • Arnold Classic Winner from South America was Behrooz Tabani
  • The Toronto Pro Supershow will be happening on the 4th of June.
  • Dallas Pro
  • R.U Athlete ISFF (UK) will be from 11th to 13th August 2023.


  • Tory Jones from Canada, 20
  • Woody Belfort from Canada, 17
  • James Berger from USA, 14
  • Bradley Betts from USA, 9
  • Tim Caldwell from USA, 8

Harold Kelley won the previous 5 titles under the wheelchair category. Therefore, he is the favourite for the 2023 Olympia Wheelchair Division. 

Qualifiers of Ms Olympia Divisions 2023

For females, the division for Olympia 2023 is comprised of the following:

Ms Olympia/ Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Andrea Shaw from the USA
  2. Angela Yeo from the USA
  3. Helle Trevino from USA
  4. Sherry Priami from the USA

Andrea Shaw has been able to claim the previous 3 Ms Olympia titles, and experts are betting her to win the 2023 title as well.

Fitness Olympia

  1. Missy Truscott from the USA
  2. Jaclyn Baker from the USA
  3. Ariel Khadr from the USA

Missy Truscott is likely to win in Mr Olympia 2023 because she won the previous competition, yet if Whitney Jones were on the qualifiers list, then Missy would have to face a real challenge.

Figure Olympia

  1. Cydney Gillon from the USA
  2. Jessica Reyes Padilla from Puerto Rico
  3. Lola Montez from Canada
  4. Bojana Vasiljevic from USA
  5. Donya Jackson from the USA
  6. Gabriela Consolmagno from USA
  7. Madison Dinges from the USA

Cydney Gillon has won this division for the past 6 years in a row; hence she is expected to win this time too!

Bikini Olympia

  1. Jibin Park from South Korea
  2. Ivanna Escandar from Spain
  3. Amanda Marques from Brazil
  4. Phoebe Hagan from the United Kingdom
  5. Maureen Blanquisco from Norway
  6. Jennifer Dorie from Canada
  7. Ashley Kaltwasser from the USA
  8. Nittaya Kongthun from Thailand
  9. Alessia Facchin from Italy
  10. Lauralie Chapados from Canada
  11. Brenda Farias from Brazil
  12. Aimee Leann Delgado from USA
  13. Eszter Ozcella from Hungary
  14. Hyo Jung Kim from South Korea
  15. Vania Auguste from the USA
  16. Romina Basualdo from USA

Maureen Blanquisco won last year, but as there are several participants in this division, we are all curious about who will win this title.

Women Physique Olympia

  1. Natalia Abraham Coelho from the USA
  2. Sarah Villegas from the USA
  3. Brooke Walker from the USA
  4. Anne-Lorraine Mohn from France
  5. Pamela Canfield from the USA

Natalia Abraham won the Women's Physique last year, and Sarah Villegas won this title in 2021, so this time, it’s tough to say who will win.

Wellness Olympia

  1. Francielle Mattos from Brazil
  2. Isabelle Nunes from Brazil
  3. Angela Borges from Brazil
  4. Kassandra Gillis from Canada
  5. Alexis Adams from the USA
  6. Renata Guaraciaba from Brazil
  7. Amanda Burnett from the USA
  8. Giselle Machado from Brazil

Francielle Mattos has been winning in this category for the last two years and is expected to win this time.

Olympia Qualification System Rules 2023

The qualification criteria for the 2023 Olympia are detailed in the statement linked below and posted on the official IFBB Pro website.

The following participants qualify for Olympia 2023

  • Top 5 from previous year’s Mr Olympia and Wheelchair Olympia
  • Top 3 from all the other divisions of the previous year's Olympia
  • The winner of each contest occurred during the qualification period

Wrapping up

As you all know, that only 170 days left in the Olympia 2023, so it’s the peak time for the qualifiers to get themselves trained, and other participants must be working hard to qualify in upcoming contests. Grab your ticket before the house is full; tickets will be available on sale soon. There are a few ticket categories: VIP Packages, Friday Finals, Saturday Finals, Expo Passes and Amateur Olympia.

Who do you wonder will burn the stage and win the greatest contest of this year? Let us all know by commenting below! Stay tuned with us for more information, and join our platform by clicking here to stay updated in future.