Irfan Asghar – The IFBB Pro from Pakistan!

Irfan Asghar, IFBB Classic Physique pro 2022

Irfan Asghar is a Pakistani bodybuilder who competes in the IFFB Pro division. The Classic Physique Category is where Irfan Asghar competes.
It’s Irfan’s wish to participate in Olympia, as shown in his recent Instagram post against the top bodybuilders in the world, such as Terrence Ruffin, Chris Bumstead, and Ramon Dino.
The IFBB PRO League Fitness Pro Classic Physique has 12 participants, of whom Irfan Asghar scored 7th position. The contest took place on Saturday, 1st April 2023, in Anaheim, California.
Below is the scorecard of the 2023 Fitness Pro Classic Physique show:

About Irfan Asghar's background:

Irfan Asghar was born in Pur Jattan, Gujrat, Pakistan, back in 1994. As he grew up, he developed the enthusiasm to join the gym; therefore, at the age of 11, he started exercising at a local gym over there. Later, he moved to Karachi permanently to get training in bodybuilding, and here he also runs his own gym over there.

Irfan Asghar’s motivation towards bodybuilding:

It is known that he was a skinny boy in his childhood when he started training. His interest in becoming a bodybuilder changed into a passion when he learnt about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold inspired Irfan to the extent that he wanted to look exactly the same as him. He started working hard and investing in his passion just to meet the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fitness Career of Irfan Asghar

Irfan Asghar participated in the Mr. Punjab contest back in 2013, in which he won the title of Mr. Punjab.

Later in 2021, he competed to become Mr. Pakistan's title and earned it. He then became the symbol of strength for his followers.
Irfan has also participated in a world bodybuilding championship in Spain and is positioned 5th in the show. In 2022, he stunned the world of bodybuilding after winning his pro card at the amateur Olympia Pakistan. He's determined to soon take home the Mr. Universe crown.

Irfan Asghar training and diet plan:

Irfan Asghar usually trains five times a week, doing cardio on five, or sometimes even all six of those days. Irfan begins each day with 30 minutes of cardio since he finds that it helps him lose the most fat.
His training schedule is usually more intense, with more drop sets, pushed reps, and super sets. Irfan considers that the bulk of the potential benefits from strength training comes from heavy lifts like:
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Military presses
  • Farmer’s walks
  • Bench press
  • Bent over rows

Irfan’s diet plan depends on his next goal. He gives himself some leverage with cheat meals when he has no upcoming goal; however, when he has to prepare for his objective, Irfan focuses on his diet by cutting out sugar, processed and oily foods, and all the other meals that are calorie-dense.