What is the secret of Ramy?

As many bodybuilders say, the secret IS THAT THERE IS NO SECRET.

You see, there are three factors involved in muscle building: genetics, training, and nutrition. Big Ramy has all three down to a tee.

The Middle East is known as a powerhouse in the bodybuilding community for producing some of the biggest and most muscularly aesthetic Pros in a long time. You could say that their genetics are perfect for bodybuilding. Big Ramy comes from that powerhouse. And that is a bonus that not everybody gets, but that does not mean that if you don´t have them, you won´t grow big too.

But his incredible genetics aren´t the only reason for his admirable physique. His training and nutrition have to be on point so he can keep growing. He trains and eats with purpose.

If you have an inquiry about steroids, then yes, he does use them. And they still represent 3% of his entire work. But only when competitions come around, which is not something to demonize. His coach and doctors control his usage, so none of the nasty side effects take place. Professional bodybuilding at the level of the Olympia is one of the most grueling sports there is because the level of conditioning, training, preparation, nutrition, and a myriad of other details must be watched to a tee; so steroids are the last thing that gives those awesome athletes that worked arduously for more than a year with coaches the final edge to become the muscle heroes we admire.

So, like his genetics, steroids are a boost to help him reach the conditioning level that only happens in competitions of that level, BUT THEY DON´T MAKE OR UNDO HIS ENTIRE PHYSICAL WORK.

So, you see, there is no secret. Just hard work, good food, proper sleep, lots of water, moderate cardio, and of course, the bonus of golden genetics help