Who is the new Schwarzenegger?

We found the Doppelganger of Schwarzenegger!

Who is the Schwarzenegger's doppelganger?

Meet Joel Kellet

Bodybuilder Goes Viral For Having a Physique Like the Terminator Star

Also known as natural Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joel Kellet is an Australian bodybuilder who has trained professionally for over ten consecutive years. He claims that his entire physique is the result of natural bodybuilding which means he has not consumed any form of bodybuilding drugs that enhances muscle mass. Well, some people do not believe that because of his jacked physique. Joel Kellet only competes in natural drug-tested federations and competitions.

He chose social platforms to inform that if a person trains constantly for a decade, he can smoothly unlock his body’s true potential.

Joel Kellet: Doppelganger of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Joel Kellet, well known as Overkell on Instagram with 250k followers is a new inspiration for the fitness community. He is promoting bodybuilding with no use of drugs or juices that accelerate the process of increasing muscle mass. He fits perfectly into a golden era of bodybuilding.

Several bodybuilders have tried to reproduce their body structure in the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger created in his prime time and maintained over the years. However, it requires a lot of effort to develop a physique like the seven-time Mr. Olympia. Well, in the history of bodybuilding, can there be another figure like that of Terminator star?

People have compared Overkell with Schwarzenegger and discovered that he is Arnold Schwarzenegger's no.2

This has caused a cyber commotion as it is tough to build an appearance like The Australian Oak. The actor, who governed California as its 38th governor from 2003 to 2011, might have at last found his long-lost twin. Bodybuilder Joel Kellett is widely known for his striking resemblance to the famous action figure. Rather than his facial features, the structure and shape of his physique are identical to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger's back when he was in his prime. Moreover, the similarities between Kellett and Schwarzenegger are in terms of poses, and even muscle mass.

Kellett's biceps and chest are arguably the easiest muscles to match Schwarzenegger's, but every muscle on his body is so similar that if you covered his face, you would possibly guess he was a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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