Revealed: Secrets of Longevity!

Oxygen is the actual enchanted ingredient of the water of the famous Fountain of Youth.

Similar to all the machinery made by man, the human heart also needs energy. For the heart muscles, this energy comes in form of glucose and a little fat from the blood. The same blood which is pumped throughout the body by the heart is used by heart to provide energy to itself.

When glucose and fat reach the heart, it is converted into lactic acid particles.
Lactic acid is something that makes sour milk taste sour. The heart cannot work with this fat alone, so more energy is obtained when lactic acid particles react with oxygen. Which produces carbon dioxide and water.

Oxygen is a blessing for the heart

Keeping the heart healthy and energetic depends entirely on oxygen. The more oxygen we inhale, the cleaner and healthier the lungs are, the better the health and energy of the heart.

What actually is exercise?

Physical fitness Exercise is the only activity that increases the oxygen retention in the body. Respiratory rate is faster during exercise and physical activity. This is the secret to extracting more oxygen. The other important thing in this regard is to keep the lungs clean. Under normal circumstances, these body organs take care of their own hygiene, but smoking and cigarette smoke stains the lungs, making them bad and inefficient.

What happens then is that some of the elements of burned smoke gets abosorbed in the blood along with the fine and clean oxygen from the lungs. These elements of smoke are foreign substances to the body which the blood does not need at all. Smoking is said to be extremely deadly and harmful because it invades the bloodstream with a foreign substance which is inevitably carried to the heart as well as other parts of the body.

Cardiologist Dr. Christian Bernard says that when the heart does not get the right amount of oxygen to get all the energy it needs, there are two consequences:

  1. Less oxygen causes the heart to weaken. With less supply of oxygen, not all lactic acid particles break down. This way, unused particles do not break down but increase in number. Imagine waste being combined over the years.
  2. As the nerves of the heart continue to be affected, this problem increases and takes the form of pain of angina pectoris. People who are on a bad diet destroy the automated system of nature.

Cardiologists also suggest that we must strictly protect not only the alternative management of blood flow but also the basic natural system. This protection is not under an automated system and there is no age limit. Only by adopting a better lifestyle and a healthier way of life can we protect the heart.

Of course, exercise is the only way to protect the heart and its systems.