What happened to William Li?

Let's Explore Reasons behind William Li's Absence

Who is William Li?

William Li is a Canada-based bodybuilding star and fitness influencer with over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, 3.9 million followers on his TikTok and over 1.1 million Instagram followers. He is known as an Absolute Shredded King in the bodybuilding industry.

A 24-year-old bodybuilding legend was born in Toronto, Canada. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs more than 85 kilograms. He shares fitness videos, nutrition tips, and challenges with his audience on his social media accounts.

What happened to William Li?

The reasons behind William Li's absence are social media stress and mental health!

Just a few months ago, William Li was one of the most well-known fitness influencers but now it seems like everybody has ignored his presence due to his long absence.

People are now noticing that William has not posted any of his fitness-related content on social media for almost ten months.

Just before he decided to take a break from social media, he posted a YouTube video titled "Opening up about my depression.". In that, he explicitly expressed his mental health struggles. He said that he is very self-conscious about his body image and the pressure that social media puts on him.

Causes of his disturbed mental health

He consistently tried hard to maintain a jacked physique and lean body mass, which is something that negatively affected his mental condition or state.

According to his followers, it has been said that he was depressed and mentioned in a couple of his videos that he struggles with depression and pressure of being single-digit body fat year-round has really gotten to him. People also say that he is worried that if he goes on a bulk and is no longer shredded, he will lose his social media followers, but you can tell that he does not feel good physically either because the guy was only eating less than 1500 calories year-round to maintain his physique. That’s f***ing torture, if you ask me.

Man, this feels so weird filming a long-form video, but I just thought that I'm making a quick update video explaining where I have been and why I've been gone. 

I'll get to it, but I've just been feeling really alone. I've got a lot on my mind.

William Li also mentioned in one of his YouTube videos that it is very difficult for him to maintain such a physique and show it off to his audience in cold weather as he lives in Canada. So he has to skip filming, which affects him. He said that: 

I've been in Thailand for the past couple of weeks and the reason is because the weather's nicer here. I can have my veins pop well; they're popping right now but I think that my logic was that I'm from Canada and Canada's so cold. I can't make videos in so cold; I feel like some people might just watch me because of my veins and I'm so self-conscious that if a vein isn't showing, I won't even want to film that day.

Moreover, he also mentioned another reason for his depression, which is the feeling of loneliness despite having millions of followers.

Everyone in the bodybuilding industry appreciates William.

William Li, please come back.