6 Signs to Know That Your Online Pharmacy Can Be Trusted

6 Signs to Know That Your Online Pharmacy Can Be Trusted

Online shopping has become popular nowadays. From groceries to clothes, to toys and medicine, you can virtually buy anything online. With that said, many leading pharmacies provide the best service to their clients through online means. However, the popularity of online pharmacies is always put to test as many pharmacies online can be faked.

If you’re one of the many people who want to purchase medicine online, always make sure you’re buying from a legit source. Here are some ways to know if your source can be trusted:

Accepts Discount Cards or Coupons

Prescription discount cards and coupons are ways that people use to save on prescription medications. If you are thinking of buying your medicine from a traditional pharmacy to an online pharmacy, you should first ensure that they accept discount cards and coupons. To avoid inconveniences, also check your cards or coupons if they’re still valid.

Do not enter your details about your card or coupon until you’re 100% sure that the website you’re getting  your medications from is the real thing. When in doubt, always call your pharmacy for confirmation. 

Be Wary About Extremely Low Prices

Shopping around to find the best deal for your prescription medication is normal. It is our method of looking for a way to save. However, it is also not advisable to acquire medicine from an online pharmacy with extremely low prices that are too good to be true.

Even though you want to save big on your medicines, you should never fall for this scam. Only get your medicine and discounts from legit apps and websites. For example, the Buzzrx App is one of the safest and legit apps that’ll provide you with a ton of information and discounts on your medication.

Ensure That the Online Pharmacy Has a Physical Address

An online pharmacy doesn't need to have a physical store. However, they should have a physical address. P.O. Boxes are not enough. They should provide a complete address of their business where people can go when issues arise.

Providing a physical address is one way to ensure consumers that they are a legit business. It creates trust and credibility. Plus, you will be at ease knowing that you will have an address to visit and formally file your complaints whenever a problem arises.

The address should have a street address, a unit number, state, country, and zip code. So, when shopping around for an online pharmacy, you should check out their address right away. Aside from an address, they should also have a phone number where you can easily contact them.

Be Cautious if They Don’t Require Doctor’s Prescription

A pharmacy that allows consumers to purchase prescription medicines without a doctor's prescription is a big red flag. It’s against the law to sell prescription medications without a prescription.

Pharmacists require prescriptions from a doctor to ensure that they will not mistakenly give the wrong medicines to the consumers. The wrong dispersal of medication to consumers or patients can result in hospitalization, disability, life-threatening conditions, and even death. Pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and everyone else involved with medications can be legally held accountable should they give out restricted medications without prescriptions.

Although it is not entirely bad to purchase medicines online, you should be wary of those who don't ask for any prescription. It is a huge sign that the pharmacy doesn't care about the patient. Thus they can't be trusted, and you must stay away from them.

Talk to Your Health Insurance Provider

Insurance plans also have prescription coverage. So, it is also best if you ask your provider for a list of their approved and trusted online pharmacies. Insurance companies evaluate pharmacies properly before they accept them as a supplier.

Be rest assured that all the online pharmacies on the list of your health insurance provider can be trusted and legitimate. Moreover, suppose a pharmacy is not included on your insurance provider's list. It doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be trusted or that the pharma company is not legit. It is just that the pharmacy and your insurance provider won't agree together.

Look For a License

Another thing you can do to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate online pharmacy is to look for their license. Even though the pharmacy is operating online, it is always a requirement for them to display and have their license at all times.

You can look up the online pharmacy's license on the state board of pharmacy license database. Each state has its list of legitimate businesses, including online pharmacies operating within their state. If they’re operating without a license or if they’re operating in a state where they shouldn’t be, avoid these pharmacies at once.


With this list of suggestions on choosing a trusted online pharmacy, you can start looking for online pharmacies as soon as possible. Use whatever you learned from this article as a guide and ensure that you will choose the best and most trustworthy online pharmacy to provide you with your daily medicinal needs, hassle-free.