Luis Manuel Found Dead! 

On October 28, 2023, the body of well-known bodybuilder Luis Manuel was found riddled with bullets at Juan Alonso de Torres Boulevard in Mexico.

This guy was so strong and tough that it cost him his life. Winning numerous titles, becoming IFBB Pro and inspiring young bodybuilders; this guy was the real deal and admired by all the fitness lovers until tragedy struck; ending his career in the worst way possible.


It took a couple of days for people to accept, process, and make a tribute.

But what exactly happened to this Mexican bodybuilder prodigy? And why did it end his life? Because the craziest part is this had nothing to do with steroids.

Luis Manuel, also known as “El Charro” was trending in the fitness community. Due to his remarkable physique, he was out of this world; toned front double biceps, shredded quads, and massive delts people would kill to have.

But those muscles were not the only thing for the spotlight! Because Luis also had some impressive strength and insane deadlift personal records. Things were looking smooth for him especially since he was Mexico's first and only PRO. He was taking the country's bodybuilding scene to the next level just because he must have trained so hard to be this great!

But recently something completely unexpected happened that turned Mr. Mexico's life short.

Two men on motorcycles pulled up next to his car and fired seven shots at him while he was driving his Dodge Ram truck. Yet he still managed to drive the car two more blocks before he died. The cartel was out on the Hunt for Luis. This was not even the first time someone tried to attack him. A few months back this incidence he confronted another attempt on his life. Where he was shot in the elbow perhaps, they were not successful in killing him. During this time, Lomeli was preparing to host a bodybuilding competition but was forced to cancel.

What makes this whole story even more tragic is the fact that Luis informed the police to report attempted murder and they did nothing to provide security for him. It makes complete sense that in Mexico, authorities have messed up their relationship with the cartels.

The scariest thing is that he uploaded the Instagram post right before he was chased and shot by the gunmen. He gave his location away, so the cartel easily found him right after he left that place. Everyone speculating about what went down. And what Luis has possibly done to bog off the cartel so badly that they repeatedly tried to end his life.

Sounds like money laundering, said people. People are speculating that he probably has some debts to settle with the cartel as Luis had been retired for a couple of years and completely relied on Coaching to get by. So, the guy wasn’t exactly the richest bodybuilder especially since he came from nothing and all we know is that competing in bodybuilding events and going to shows is not cheap. But in this case, the debt has cost him his life and the bad part is that Luis was known as the most kindhearted bodybuilder ever! He used to help children, help them get clothing they didn’t have or feed them.

So, will Luis ever get justice? Or will the truth behind his death remain a mystery?

Charro Lomeli Competition History

2012: IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro – 6th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2012: Tampa Pro – 15th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2012: Europa Dallas Pro Supershow – 13th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2013: Europa Dallas Pro Supershow – 13th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2014: Golden State Pro – 10th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2014: Tampa Pro – 8th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2015: Ferrigno Legacy Pro – 4th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

2016: Ferrigno Legacy Pro – 10th place, Men’s Bodybuilding

SteroidWiki sends condolences to the friends and family of Charro Lomeli during this time. Given Luis Manuel Lomelí’s coaching expertise, he will long be remembered for his contributions to the fitness world!

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